Walk it out for Wii?


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Nov 22, 1999
I love Leslie and Walk Away the Pounds too, but any DVD gets repetitive eventually. She is alone in my newer ones, and I miss her interaction with the group so I do not like the "solos" as much. With Walk It Out, I have two islands going at the moment, so I can change strategies and vary my adventures every day. It's the only fitness tool I've ever voluntarily used more than once a day; I usually do a morning and night session.


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Feb 23, 2017
I really hope they come out with a second one. I think they could make it a lot neater than this one, have a zoo, theme park, mall, or stuff like that where you would build rides, or exhibits or stores in a mall. Some of the people on the facebook page are intense, I do not know how they have the time to walk as long as they do. I guess if I spent less time on here I might have more lol.
Hi, shiny, There is a company that has created an app called Illusion Trails an interactive hiking simulation where you walk around a virtual world and they plan on making a world like Walk it Out! It looks like it will be a lot of fun but it hasn't been released yet. I think they would like to hear your ideas.
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