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Apr 1, 2000
I recently put myself on two wait lists, which I've never done before. I waited several days and found myself calling anyway just to check. The date had opened up although I had not yet been notified. Had I waited, I assume they would have called eventually. My second wait list has not yet come through.

Do you find yourself calling even though you are on a wait list or do you just patiently wait and see what happens. Have you had more success having MS book it automatically, than making MS call, leave a message and having you get back to them with the 24 hours.

I used the wait list this past week before Easter. I was trying to add just one day and I was within the one month mark. They asked me if I wanted to be on it, I agreed and they called me 3 hours later. I don't know how normal or abnormal this was but it did work and I would use it again.
I have waitlisted 3 times in the last 9 monthes. Oct for 3 nights and got them all, 5 nights in Dec, we ended up getting 3 of the 5, and most recently we booked 5 nights at the WLV in june about 6 weeks ago. My kids prefer our home resort at the BWV so I asked them to just waitlist us for that and if it came available to switch our ressie from the WLV to the BWV, I recieved my confirmation yesterday for the BWV. We have had them call us prior to booking everytime except this last time. I don't think it affects the success rate of getting what you want. Good Luck!
I've been on a waitlist for 2 1/2 months for BWV; they are supposed to contact me. Nothing yet, but TODAY is 7 months from our checkout date, so I'm hoping all those people who booked at BWV want to try out the new VWL! :D
This is a sample size of one, so not statistically valid, but here's my input...

We just waitlisted for the first time. Based on advice of the experts on this board, we booked our second choice for the duration (it was available at the 7 month window), and then waitlisted our preference. Had MS book it automatically. Rec'd mail confirmations as each date(s) were confirmed. Never got confirmation that they cancelled the original ressie; I guess I'll call just to make sure.

It is a bit nervewracking to wait and see, but I didn't figure I'd really panic until it got close to the 31 day window, and the wait lists actually came through in about three weeks.
We waitlisted but, still checked periodically and added separate days as they became available.

Does anyone know if they wait until your entire waitlist days open up or do they add them one day at a time?
I think you can specify if you want all or nothing. We said we'd take any days as they became available. Yikes...wouldn't that be something if we spent the week just moving from resort to resort. :earseek:
I made my very first ressie at OKW but waitlisted at BWV and then I forgot about it. What a pleasant surprise I received in the mail one day - we are now staying at the BWV!!! Only 55 days to go - our first stay as DVC members!!!
Daughters college graduation present!!!! YEAH!!!

Booked a studio for the end of mayat OKW 2 months ago.Told ms to waitlist at the boardwalk for any view. got confirmation in the mail today for a perfered view..123 pts...also on waitlist for a grand villa at Vero for the first week of Nov,but booked a 2 bedroom just in caser at the 7month window...Fingers are crossed for november
We waitlisted for one day in May and never heard back. I went ahead and made cash ressies elsewhere. I certainly hope I shouldn't have been calling every other day just to make sure!

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