Waiting for Acceptance/Rejection


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Feb 21, 2001
Yes, I’m fairly certain that if both your daughters are skaters at UD, they know my son . He is also a huge Disney fan. My daughter graduated from Dean and this is her first time through the DCP and first time audition. It’s a small world lol
OK that's a yes - and we have actually met once before we moved from Wakefield to Delaware, Tasney was my youngest daughters coach and she introduced us at the NS open one year. Not sure why I remembered this ……. small world for sure!


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Mar 28, 2019
Hey all!

So I applied for the next run of the program when the applications first opened! Since then, I’ve been a nervous wreck. I think I’ve compulsively checked my e-mail and dashboard 20 times a day since!

About how long might it take before I hear something? Should I be prepared to be nervous for months?
I completely understand your eagerness to start and learn something new in life. However, I would say you should not be nervous in this case. You should focus on other important things in life and stick to your routine. You can check emails once a day for updates but do not get attached to the process. Good luck and hope you get the admit.


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May 2, 2002
I just want to give a mid-cycle update; I have been waitlisted at my number two grad school, have not heard from number one or four, three outright rejected me, and I think I did well on the PI.

I am using the subreddit slang for my grad school applications. Even if I get in I am going to defer for a year to retake the entrance exam to get more scholarship money.

For DD who has not made it past Submission, has someone looked over her resume to see if there is any 'cleaning up' that could be done on it? I completely redid my resume for grad school and my application with Disney moved out of purgatory. I have been applying to the program for about three years and applying for the Professional Internships. If you want to PM me, I could give some guidance on what I did to help her.
I have to ask....when you say 'resume' are you speaking of a physical resume that you attach to your application? If so, why? Not sure what you mean by 'clean it up'. There are people 'reading' resumes, until possibly the phone interview stage.


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Jul 22, 2012
My dd got the NLIC email yesterday. She’ll try again for the third time in aug. Good luck to others still waiting!
My daughter made it through on the 3rd try! Good luck to your daughter. Spring is a better time to start anyways - avoid the winter holidays!


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Feb 11, 2012
My daughter made it through on the 3rd try! Good luck to your daughter. Spring is a better time to start anyways - avoid the winter holidays!
Congrats to your dd! Mine is super excited to try for the 3rd time!!


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