Victoria and Alberts

Chefs table can be near but not completely impossible to get. Main dining room and queen Victoria room are fairly easy to get at 180 days.
how hard is it to get reservations at 180 days? chefs table vs main dining room?

There is a private number to call to reserve The Chefs table. It opens at 9am and I called at 9:15am at my 180 day mark and it was SOLD OUT already. Main dining room is what I got. So I suggest calling that number at EXACTLY 9am at the 6 month mark.
I was able to get a reservation for the Chef's table for our trip in June. There was 3 of us calling from different phones. We started right at 9 and kept dialing until one of us got through. When we did they actually had 3 days available during our stay.

is it 180 days from the day you want to go or 180 days from your first day on site?
is it 180 days from the day you want to go or 180 days from your first day on site?

should be 180 days from on site if I remember correctly. Since it works this way for all the other restaurant reservations.
I don't recall how many days out we were when I first attempted to get a V+A ADR for Thanksgiving Day 2018. Was out of luck but asked if we'd like to sign up for the waiting list and what room if any was our preference. I did naming QVR as our first preference and went on with our planning. Two days before T-Day when we were already on site the call came; great meal.
I called for Chef Table for our September trip exactly at 9am and got right through and my first choice of date for the two of us.

It is for our early 10th wedding anniversary and I looked at my confirmation email about ten times before I believed it was real :)
I had a table in the regular dining room 3 weeks ago and it was OUTSTANDING!!!!!

I am not a foodie at all and really don't like "exotic" food but this was amazing and I had no problems with any of the courses.

Yes the dishes are small but there are 12 courses so you do leave full. It is a long dinner. The regular dining room we were in there from sit down to leave just a tad over 3 hours.

Excellent all around!!! There is a reason it wins the 5 star diamond award every year. VA is one of only 67 restaurants in ALL the country to get the 5 star


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