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    Hey Verizon users, save me the dreaded call to customer service and tell me if I can use my cell phone on the ship and what it approximately it will cost me? I'm taking the Eastern cruise in January. Thanks!!!
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    Dec 6, 2008
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    We just got off the ship (while we were on a Western, days at sea should be the same) We have Verizon and had no signal (no bars) whenever not in port. In port had no problems with signal, although we did not try to make nor did we receive calls while out of the US.

    You do have to call Verizon to activate International calling on your phone prior to cruising if you have not already previously activated it. :)
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    Here is everything I know about Verizon coverage based on the last 2 cruises in 2009 and numerous telephone calls to Verizon about Global Access over the last week.

    1. Your Verizon cellular telephone will work on the ship, but coverage is spotty and you have a high probability of dropping telephone calls. I had to make a couple of calls on our September 2009 cruise for business. I dropped the telephone call 5 times in our room on Deck 8 and it finally would not drop the call when I walked out into the hall and started down the stairs. The telephone also seemed to work on Deck 3. For the most part, I just tell clients to email me while I am on the cruise and I will respond by email.

    2. Cost is $2.49 per minute. Hope the call; therefore, is very important.

    3. You cannot use Skype or Google for telephone calls using your laptop and the on-board internet. I tried. The first Skype call went through, briefly. Then, the phone call cut off and the internet blocked the protocols.

    4. Global Access Through Verizon--this allows you to get emails without roaming, EXCEPT not on the ship. Three people specifically told me it would work on the ship without even checking. The fourth person actually checked and told me, while it will work in all of the ports. Global Access will not work on the Ship and you will pay ship rates for data downloads.

    Hope this information helps.

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