VB in May : how is the weather ??


Earning My Ears
Aug 20, 2000

I will go to VB from May 12 to 19 (then BW until 25) and i am very excited as well as my family. Could you share your experiences relating to the weather in VB during said period : air wheather and water !!! (i hope to swim!!). How many degrees ???
Thank to everyone !!!

Happy New Year 2002 from France. I am located in the North of France and its snowing...

We are going to Vero in May also. We will be checking in on the 19th for 4 days. Weather.com says that the average high for May is 85F. That should be perfect weather if a cool snap doesn't come through. We were at Vero the second week of June a couple years ago and the weather was great. The ocean was nice and warm then too. I'm thinking that the ocean won't be as warm in May but it will probably be in the lower 70's by then. A lot of people go to Vero during April and say that the weather is nice enough for swimming then. So I am hoping that it will be even nicer during May. May seemed like a great time to go for us. The temperatures seem warm enough and the rains that you normally see in the summer haven't arrived yet.
By mid-May it will be summerlike in Vero. The weather should be beautiful and the ocean warm. It's likely you could see temps in the 90's some days.


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