Various agencies have different cabin inventory available?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by madelyn, Jan 22, 2013.

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    Nov 24, 2000
    We booked a 4 night cruise from Galveston through and my sisters are also coming on the cruise but booked a few weeks later. By that time, the cheapest fare category that we had booked was sold out. On I saw a "sideways cabin" that I told my sister she should request. She ended up using vacations2go due to a previous bad experience with but she was unable to get the "sideways cabin". Her agent with Vacations2go booked her with a "cabin that was the same" and the last one available in that category. It was the same category cabin but was not a sideways cabin. Costco showed that the sideways cabin was still available and had 6 other cabins available in that category. I happened to look on and they showed even different categories available. So it appears that different agencies have different cabins available for them to book. But if you are booking directly through Disneycruise do they have access to any cabin as long as it hasn't been assigned to another passenger? And if a category is sold out, if it shows as sold out at Disneycruise, does that mean it is unavailable anywhere or is it available through another agency? I remember there was 1 cabin available in our 11C category on Costco and it showed sold out on Costco and the Disney site about the same time on the same day. Or should I have had my sisters check other agencies to see if they had the cheapest category available to book?
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    Some travel agencies buy up blocks of cabins themselves, knowing by their past history that they will sell them. So, yes it is possible that Costco had a cabin that was not available via another agency.

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