Value or moderate with two smaller kids?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by jacobsmommy, Sep 4, 2010.

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    We are going back to WDW in May/June of 2011 and I have POP as our resort as of right now. We've stayed twice at ASMovies and once at POP. It'll be me, dh, 7yo ds, and 3yo dd. I have stayed at the Boardwalk once (many, many, many years ago when it was brand new), but we've only stayed at value resorts since we've been staying on the grounds to vacation at Disney. Do you think it matters all that much for kids to stay at a moderate resort? Is it really worth the extra money? We've found the rooms to be fine at the values and the pools are okay too. The kids always like the larger than life statues at the two resorts. The only thing I think would be really nice at a moderate are the water slides at the pools. We went to an all-inclusive in Mexico this summer and my son loved the waterslides (but went down them with water wings on). We are staying a day longer than usual, so we plan on doing the pool just about every afternoon.
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    Last year we stayed at POR and we usually stay at the all stars. I have never stayed at POP so I cannot comment on that. My feelings were that the pool was much better at the POR as well as the advantage of the fridge. I also thought the food court was better as was the bus service. HOWEVER:

    This year we stayed at all star music in a family suite and if I were to stay with young kids (we have teens) I would almost prefer this one. It allowed for us to have a private bedroom, as well as 2 bathrooms, and a kitchenette. The main reason I would stay there though is the pool games, etc they offer for the kids throughout the day. Especially if you are going back to the hotel through the day. This to me would more than make up for the bus service.

    I have stayed at all the all stars and this was our favorite.

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    If you are "pool" people, then it may be worth it to you to upgrade. I've never stayed at a moderate but I have seen pictures of their pools and they look quite impressive and have wonderful themes. Have a great trip. :goodvibes
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    I've done moderate and value ... Last May we went & stayed @ Pop. Went back to the hotel every afternoon for some pool time and the kids love it. Now, we regularly go to a local waterpark so don't get me wrong, my boys love pools etc with slides but we all still had a blast @ POP. another PP mentioned the activities the hotel staff have for kids... we have found that the value's tend to have a ton of things themed for the younger guests. yea, my 16 year old niece would think some of them were corny, but my boys loved every minute.
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    For us BED size is a big issue so CSR is where we are going this time....tomorrow. We stayed at POR a month ago and while the room was big enough the beds weren't. CSR is the only Mod with queen size beds. We almost booked WL for tomorrow but my Wife wanted to try CSR......besides it was cheaper. We basically use the resort for sleep and that's it....never use the pool, never eat at the resort. Now when we go back this Nov we are thinkng of staying at a nicer resort since the park closing times are earlier and we'll be spending more time at the resort.

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