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May 27, 2000
Just Curious...

Does anybody know if the vacation guides get commissions for sales. Or do they just work for salaries?
I asked that question to our guide in March when we met him face to face for the first time. The answer is yes to both, commissions and salary. They are paid a minimal salary plus commissions. The guide also said that of his monthly pay 90% is commissions. I am quoting him on this.

My guess, and it is just a guess, is minimum hourly wage based on a 37 hour work week, plus commissions. Another guess of mine is commissions are in the 4 1/2% area, net to the guide. Again, these are just guesses.

My guide told me 2 years ago that DVC worked strickly on salary - there was no incentive for salespeople to close sales - that's why they were so low key (plus, the product sells itself)

I'm curious whether things have changed in 2 years, or if my salesperon was not totally honest (considering some other contradictions from their original statements, I wouldn't be surprised)
Our first guide told us that he works straight on salary, but then we changed guide and he's worked there for 8 years already. According to him he works on commision too!
So I'm not sure what changed.

Our guide in December 2000 said he was straight salary no commission.

I would not be suprized if there is a step to a blend. When my wife first started in insurance sales she was salary plus 1/2 commissions for two years. Then it changed to straight commissions.
It certainly is possible that the sales staff work on a tier basis. In other words, achieve a certain goal or length of service, and receive a different pay structure. Also, I have been in sales for many years and have had my company change our pay structure from salary, to hourly to commission with draw and commission without draw, too many times to count!
When we bought in December '99 our guide said they received salaries and a "bonus" based on sales.

Our guide in December said he did not receive a commission.


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