Using Cobalt for Priceline Bonus $$$$~!


Earning My Ears
Feb 26, 2001
I want to bid for a hotel near universal for next week...but I'm a bit worried about using cobalt. Will they physically check that i have a cobalt card at check in? Becuz i doubt i'll receive the actual card until after my trip.

Also, what are some good prices to bid near universal for 3* or 4* hotels?

Thanks a lot!
I doubt they will ask for the cobalt card. I surely hope not as I will not have mine either! The room, taxes, etc will be paid for on that. If you have any other incidentals, use another card or cash. I do believe you will have to show some sort of credit card, though, when you check in. As for what to bid, go to and check the listings on the Orlando hotel board. Be sure to read the FAQ and if you have any questions, the moderators are more than willing to help. You will need to check the going rates for the area you want to stay in and the * quality you want so they will have something to go on to help you w/ your bidding. Go to and input your dates of travel and you will get a slew of lodging options w/ rates. HTH!

2/28/01-03/06/01: Wyndham Palace for $36 a night!
PennyHM is correct. You must present a credit card on checkin to guarantee your incidentals, but it can be any credit card.


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