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Jun 29, 2001
I'm a new owner and have a question about member numbers and use years. We closed on VWL from Disney Jan 9th and closed this week on BWV via resale. Jaki from atimeshare (FANTASTIC lady to work with), whom we bought our BWV conract through told us something interesting yesterday.

Since we managed to get the SAME use year on both contracts, she indicated we'd have the SAME member number (not contract number, MEMBER number) for both! Is this true?? It sure would make things easier when calling MS in the future to just have one member number to deal with. Can't wait to make our first ressie (hopefully end of next week as we paid the fee to expedite our paperwork)!

Can anybody verify this?
We just bought a resale at OKW from Jaki and it has the same use year as our other contracts. What she is telling you about having only one member number is correct. You will have only one member number to keep track of when calling member services since your use year is the same on both contracts.

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