upgrading to business class after watching for deals for months?!?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by DutchsMommy, Jul 27, 2010.

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    Dec 12, 2003
    Just thought how strange my behaviour is when it comes to flying - I sign up for Ding, I compare between airlines, I watch for my flight price to drop and get a credit etc etc etc. But then, when it comes to upgrading my flight when I do online check-in, I will often fall for it. I find myself thinking "its only $50' or whatever, even though a $50 difference in my original flight price would have caused me heart palpitations!!! I know it seems crazy :confused3 but I was wondering if anyone else has fallen into this behaviour??
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    Mar 5, 2007
    Sometimes the pure price is important...and sometimes the *value* is important.

    If you hadn't gotten the best deal you could, it would be $50 plus the worse price...as it is, it's $50 plus the best price you could find. So you've still saved money. And if you wouldn't have upgraded to business b/c of the price being "bad", then it's obvious that you would not be getting better value.

    make sense?

    We're thinking of dumping the package deal we have at Universal, and going for a room only deal wile buying tix separately. Then I noticed the Club Level price. To get the CL room, the total is MORE than the package we might dump...but the value is much much higher. So it makes sense to me. :)
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    I completely get where you are coming from. We upgrade everytime. However, between having paid $6 for our seats and then $15 to check a bag, it is only $29 to upgrade. There, now doesn't that sound better?!:rolleyes1
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    Jan 25, 2006
    You are not alone! We upgrade as often as we can on Airtran. It is $69 to upgrade to Business class for us OR 4 Airtran + reward. I find myself using the Airtran VISA card more often because I earn 1 reward for each $1,000 spent. That reward is worth 25% of $69 to me (or approx $17). Using my Amex I'd get 1.25% cash back or $12.50 for the same $1,000 spent. In my logic, I am better off getting the reward credit on Airtran. The other way to look at is that I'm only paying $50 for the Airtran upgrade ($12.50 x 4 which is what I'd earn in cash if I used my Amex blue card instead of Airtran visa.)

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