Update On My Disney Prize!


Aug 7, 2000
As I posted last week, I was a runner up in a contest to win a trip to WDW. I was bummed because I won a "Prize Pack" and I thought it would be full of junk. We went and picked it up today and I was pleasantly surprised! It consists a bunch of Disney merchandise and I had expected stuff from the radio station that ran the contest. Theres a black WDW 2002 bag, with Mickey on top of the "2002". Inside were Mickey Ears, a water bottle with the blue "100 years of Magic" holder, with a strap, some collector cards, and a really nice Mickey polo shirt(DH's size and everything). Just in time for our trip in 12 days!!!! ;)
What a nice runner up gift. I love to win stuff.

How neat! I thought you would get bumper stickers or something, that's a very nice prize that you won :) Congratulations :teeth:
Good for you! Thats an awesome prize to get...and it gets you even more excited about getting there too doesn't it! :p


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