universal / IOA strategy for easter


Earning My Ears
Jan 5, 2001

we're due to visit Universal on 11th and IOA on 12th April. We've got 3 boys, aged 10, 6 and 6.

we've already bought the 14 day flexticket and can therefore visit universal/ioa when we want and don't need to do everything in one go.

however, my plan for universal is

get there for opening (9am) - get UE for BTTF, ET and T2 and then queue for MIB - hopefully, as we hit MIB first, the queues won't be too long and by the time we've done it, we should be able to go on the other rides with the UE.

for IOA, my plan is

get there for opening (9am) - get UE for Spiderman, Ripsaw Falls and Bilge Rat and then go on either Pterandon Flyers or River Adventure.

what does anyone think of the above? I know the parks will be packed at this time and we're keen to do the rides in the morning and then chill in the afternoon. Also, how much flexibility do you get over the UE times?
not sure the exact dates you will be there but the week of the 9th through the 15th i beleive it opens at 8:00am not 9:00am may even be 7:30(check the main universal website or call) we'll be there for a long easter weekend!!! can't wait.


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