Type 2 Diabetes - Switching from Insulin to Metformin


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Mar 13, 2007
Within the next 2 months, I will hopefully be completely switched over from Insulin to Metformin to treat my Type 2 Diabetes. Just in time for our next trip & my first trip having Type 2 to Disney. :cheer2:

For those that have made the switch, have you found that you have to watch what you eat closer or has it given you a little more freedom to eat what you want within reason?

I'm trying to plan out my meals, which as you know, takes a lot of effort & was just curious if I could plan in a treat or two :) I watch what I eat very closely so I will by no means be going crazy but I might have to have a few bites of a Dole Whip :)

I'll mostly just be happy that I don't have to take insulin before every meal. That in itself will make things much easier.



Jun 1, 2012
I've taken different amounts of met extended release but never insulin. 500-1500 mg to prevent type 2 long term or get pregnant. After many years of met, some generics really irritated my gi track to the point it was hard to leave the house some days. I never had an issue with glucophage xr name brand, but it was the generics that were irritating. If you get GI issues with met, try taking glumetza. That is working really well for me now and it's very cheap from my insurance and the marketing program. I don't get episodes of hyper or hypoglycemia. I take it at night before bed. I need to lose a few pounds, but don't need to watch what I eat so much. That said too much sugar or fat in a meal bothers me, but that's not out of normal for a lot of folks. Just work closely with your dr or endocrinologist. I'll be on met until my kidneys can't take it. Or so she says. So instead of getting type 2 in my forties or fifties, I could delay it by 10-20 yrs. Sent from my iPhone using DISBoards

Good luck!


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