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Jan 27, 2001
Does anyone know if there are coffeemakers in the cabins? Also, last time I stayed at the FW cabins, I had a real hard time figuring out how to get around with the bus transportation. Any help?
There are coffeemakers but not filters. I always forget to grab a few from home and end up paying a fortune at the campground stores for a package of 50. I figure everyone must do this and the housekeeping staff has a lifetime supply of stuff left behind.

I'm not good with the bus routes, but fortunately I married someone who is. A golf cart can also help a lot.
As previously stated, you will have access to a coffeemaker (this made my husband very happy), but make sure you pack your filters.

The bus system is really not that hard to get used to. The Chip/Dale buses are the internal buses and only run within the FW campground. The Boone and Crockett are the buses that run out of the park.

My best advice to you is to request a cabin near a bus stop. We were in loop 2600 and it was right by a stop. This made life a lot easier for everyone.

When we wanted to go to Epcot, MGM or Downtown Disney we would board a Boone bus which takes you to the TTC. You then board a bus to those areas.
When we went to MK we would ride a Chip/Dale to the marina and ride the boat across. The only complaint I have about FW is that the only direct bus is the one to AK and Blizzard Beach. For that we rode a Chip/Dale to Pioneer Hall area and then got on a bus straight to AK.

The Boone and Crockett buses run pretty close to every 20 minutes. The Chip/Dale buses are pretty good about being on time but not quite as good as the Boone and Crockett.
Try this site:
It has a lot of information, including a link that you can click on to get a list of what applicances/dishes etc. are in the cabins and another link to the bus routes.

Have fun!!

To help us remember the bus routes:
Animals never leave the park (CHIP & DALE) only people can (BOONE & CROCKET!)

Thank you all who gave me the above valuable information!! A big Mickey hug to all! We leave tomorrow for Fort Wilderness and WDW!! Yeah!!


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