Trip Report Wonder Jan20-24 Part 2


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Feb 17, 2001
As the day started out foggy and grey but was turning warm and sunny, we ate up top. The Beach Blanket buffet was good, the fruit was very fresh and DH loved the shrimp. I had a little of this and that, and by the time we finished it was 1:30pm so we hurried off to see our room -6624. We loved the location of this room, very close to the stairs and elevators. Some of our luggage was already in the room. We put away a few things and admired the view off our veranda, then went on a walk around the ship to get our bearings (which we got down pat by the last day:rolleyes: ) We went to make ressies at Palos and since our rotation was TAPT we wanted to do Palos the last Tritons day but it was booked so took the first Tritons day (1/20). We then went back to 6624 and got our swimsiuts on and went up to deck 10 via the aft stairs. This meant we had to go all the way forward past the kid and family pools to get to the adult pool. It was already a mass of kids:eek: I love kids(had two of my own) but since this was a quiet getaway for DH and myself I'm really really really glad DCL has adult only areas;) We enjoyed the sun and the pool (water was a pleasant 79.9 degrees) By the way, something no one has ever mentioned, but I enjoyed the tv channel that showed the report from the bridge, time, temp, wind speed and direction,distance sailed from Port Canveral, etc etc etc! I know, I'm a geek:rolleyesPS forgot drill! AP! how nice it was! no hot sun for us- only Titanic jokes came to mind:pinkbounc
I love eating outside either at Beach Blacket Buffet, Plutos Dog House and Pinnochios Pizzeria with loved ones.

Thanks for sharing.
Tina :-)
Magic (Western 7-day) 1/18/03


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