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Oct 28, 2006
Then, finally, we rounded a corner (a VERY WINDY corner!) and there it was! Delicate Arch!

Most of the gang at the Arch

Not everyone did the last little bit right up to the Arch. You had to climb over the lip of rock that we’re all posing on above, and walk around the rim of what is essentially a big slick-rock bowl, to get to the Arch on the opposite side of the bowl. I was not about to NOT go that last bit to the Arch! I wanted my picture taken at the base of Delicate Arch!

And here I am!!! Me, Debbie & Mike at the base of Delicate Arch!

Hiking back. OMG, did we really hike all that way? (The *teeny* little white rectangle way off in the distance is our bus…)

On the way back, Tom and the Guides took us by this area where there were a lot of petroglyphs by the side of the road. The black is oxidation, and the carvings were cut into it to expose the red rock behind it.

We had a very nice lunch in a little wrap shop called "The Peace Tree" that the guides recommended in Moab. Then Debbie & I did some shopping. I bought a really lovely mosaic dragonfly pin, and a pin of Kokopelli, the flute-playing Indian god. Also a T-Shirt from Moab.

The rest of the day was at our leisure at the Resort. Wandered around, took some pictures from the front & back of my room

Some people took Hummer off-road tours or went horseback riding, which they all said were very enjoyable, but I was perfectly content to hang out. Some of us met at the lodge for a wine tasting, but we all agreed it was a sorry excuse for a wine tasting. They only allowed you a few sips of 3 wines; that was it. No cheese & crackers, nothing, and a miniscule amount of wine (and the choices were small, too). Oh, well, I guess I was spoiled by my trip to the Sonoma wineries last year…

The view from the restaurant for dinner. For this one meal, we didn’t have a set menu or buffet. They actually let us order any meal we wanted off the menu. I had the lamb, and it was luscious! Normally, this is the night where the guides go off with the Junior Adventurers, and have dinner & a movie with them, but since there were no Junior Adventurers, we just had our dinner, and the guides “had the evening off”. (We learned they never really had that time off, that they were constantly busy doing stuff for us behind the scenes).

My room is the last one on the left.

Sunset around the Resort.

It was so cute, as I walked up to the Lodge, an Asian man asked me “Take picture? Take my picture?” He wanted his picture taken at the front of the Lodge. Of course, I obliged. As I was taking sunset pictures behind the Lodge later that day, this same Asian guy was having some wine on the porch of his room with 2 other guys. I could hear them explaining what his schedule was for the weekend for some sort of conference he was in town for. They went out to take pictures, so of course I offered to take a picture of all 3 of them, which tickled the Asian guy. As I was taking more sunset photos, he came up to me and said “Take your picture? Me take your picture?” He wanted to reciprocate & take a picture of me, so I let him. It was all very sweet. The other guys said he was in town from Beijing. (The next morning, Mike and Chris said there was this Asian guy in the restaurant that night, singing Karaoke and drinking and singing with this group of motorcyclists that were also in town. They wondered if he showed up to any of the events he was supposed to be at that day, because he was partying pretty hardy that night, and having a great time, even though no-one understood him…)

The next morning was also at our leisure (yay for free time!). People also did Hummer tours if they hadn’t the night before, or went horseback riding. Me, I slept in! Ah, the luxury of not setting the alarm clock, waking up when I wake up, cleaning up for breakfast, and heading down to catch breakfast before they shut down. I had a very pleasant morning chatting with Mike and Chris and Tom over a late breakfast. Mike said he was going to check out a hiking trail in the hills behind the resort and asked me if I was interested. I thought about it: I was well-rested, I’d had a good breakfast, I had no-where to be until lunch time, and I’d like to see more of the area, so I said “Yes”. I went back to my room to dress appropriately & gather the essentials, and off we went. It was a very nice hike, with great views of the area and back towards the resort. I had a very nice time chatting with Mike, too.

(Another big benefit of going on a tour like this is having someone built-in to take pictures of me with the scenery. I don’t have to stop random strangers & ask them to take my pic, the guides were more than happy to oblige!)

We got back with plenty of time to clean up for lunch. On the way to lunch, Cheryl presented me with a bottle of wine. As a part of my Type II diabetes regimen, my doctor has me eating a cup of plain yogurt a day. So I’d requested that the guides arrange for me to have that yogurt if at all possible. They weren’t sure about the Grand Hotel, as it was pretty remote. Well, the Grand (and the Amara) managed fine, but it was the fancy Red Cliffs Lodge that didn’t manage to get it until the last of our 3 days there. So the bottle of wine was by way of a “sorry” (which they didn’t really need to do, as it wasn’t the guide’s fault, but it was still sweet). More on the wine later…

Looks like there will be one more part...

Link to Final Part 5



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