Trip report Day 2 ( 13/05/03 )

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    Jan 29, 2003
    DLP May 03

    Hi all……’Mrs Bubble Factory’ here again ~ Alec has very kindly handed the trip report typing over to me so here goes…..

    Day 2 13/05/03

    We awoke this morning after a wonderful nights sleep, very quiet and relaxing. We look out the window where we can see Disney Village to the left and The Studios to the right. Weather is dull but dry so again suits us perfectly. Those that know the hotel, our room is top floor just to the right of the Mickey clock on the front (or is it back?!) of the hotel. We have a french door with balcony. I will post the links to photos on webshots when I get chance.

    We stroll out of the room to go for breakfast which is in the Castle Club lounge on the 3rd floor. We take a peek over the balcony and several characters are there signing autographs for the kids. I have to say, I’m sooooo glad we’re up here, the queue for breakfast is huge down there! The kids want to go down and get autographs, but I manage to talk them into eating first. There are roughly 12 tables in the CC lounge, but there were always a few empty, so we sit straight down. 2 seconds later, Minnie is at the door, so the girls rush out to see her. The characters don’t come into the CC lounge, they hang around the hall outside, it’s fantastic because you get soooo many opportunities for private time with them without holding up the queue for autographs, there were barely 2 or 3 families around at a time up there. Anyway, sorry…back to brekky…..veal sausages, scrambled egg, ham, cheese, croissants, pan au chocolat (my fave!) fruit, bread, pastries, yoghurts, cereals, juice and milk plus lots more I can’t remember! There was plenty of choice and the tea/coffee etc was brought to you at the table.

    We’re stuffed now, but I’m not allowed to go back to the room for a mid~morning nap apparently we have rides to do… Heehee. We did just pop back to the room to collect the buggy and the room had been cleaned already ~ WOW! Alec goes to the concierge desk and books Walts for lunch. Quick stop at the hotel shop to get the usual autograph book and pen (we have loads of them at home already but the girls love to do it!) we catch a few characters on the 2nd floor. Just to explain there used to be 2 breakfasts rooms for guests in standard rooms, one was character breakfast which you paid for and one was regular breakfast. Now there is just one breakfast and the characters stay outside the breakfast rooms all morning. I think this is a better idea. ALL kids get to see the characters every day Free and they are there until breakfast has finished so you don’t have to stand up mid brekky, get a quick picture and then they’re off! There is also an official photographer with whichever characters turn it is to stand in front of the fireplace. These are available to buy at the shop later the same day.

    Off to the park……we stroll up Main Street and into Fantasyland. Can I just add, this was Princess Week, we will discuss that tomorrow! Onto IASW first, our youngest seems to have developed a taste for the weird little dolls, but hey, we’re here for the kids not for us…..yeah right! We do all the fantasyland rides. Our 6 year old DD loves Casey Jnr. We ride this about 10 times at least during our stay. We then do POTC again over to Star Tours and by now it’s nearly lunch.

    Walts: Walts is very quiet, we are sat in the Jules Verne section, a small dining club kind of room with 5 or 6 tables. There are only 2 tables occupied so it’s not busy, don’t know about the main part of the restaurant though? Anyway, we order from the French menu (they didn’t have an English one!) luckily I got an A in my French o’level (yes, I’m pre~GCSE age!) and between us we muddle through. Alec and I both choose the 28 Euro set menu. Alec has Crab cakes and I had a gorgeous stuffed mushroom with truffle oil (I think) for starters, followed by chicken and pasta for both of us. Our translation did let us down a little as there was a creature sat on top of my pasta I didn’t care for …..I hate seafood! Apparently it was a cray fish heehee. Alec removed it for me and his also, neither of us like creatures! The girls have the ‘menu enfant’ at 10 Euros each for 2 courses. One has a chicken breast smothered in melted cheese, one has fish in batter both with chips. I have a crème brulee with hazelnuts and Al has cheesecake. Bill was 94 Euros with drinks. It was good and though a little more than our usual lunch bill, we had meal vouchers we were given as a refund ………..long story but I will explain if anyone wants to know!

    Tons more rides, all straight on with no queue. DD (2) now likes the dark rides ~ Snow White and Pinocchio though they could be scary to some little ones. We head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner as we also booked character dinner at Inventions at the concierge desk this morning….more food??!!

    I love Inventions, it’s a great character meal and everyone should do it at least one night. The restaurant is buffet style and has everything you could want, seafood, salads, cold meats , hot carvery, plenty of hot meat dishes like rabbit casserole (an aquired taste I know, not my thing but Al tried it and liked it) Veal, venison, pork, chicken. Ask if you’re not sure what meat it is, Chef will tell you before you dig in! There’s rice, potatoes, pasta etc too. The dishes change all the time, you could sit there all night sampling! There are smiley faces, fish shapes nuggets, pizza etc for the kids. The desert bar is out of this world WOW you name it it’s on there. Al loves the cheese selection. The staff here are fantastic. We have noticed over the years some of the staff have been there each time which is always a good thing. Our waiter was from Spain and spoke excellent English. We had a good chat with him between courses. Bill was 140 Euros ~ £100 and worth every penny/cent. The kids were more than happy as we saw Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Chip & Dale tonight. We stroll up to Disney village after dinner to walk some of that excess weight off. We shop a little and DD (6) goes on the trampolines. She loves it. They’re the type with a harness and elastic to help you bounce. No….. she didn’t throw up thank goodness but I was glad when she came off! Back to the hotel for a well deserved sleep ~ Goodnight!

    Sorry if it’s long…..tomorrows should be shorter now I’ve explained brekky etc!

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    Mar 13, 2003
    Thank you for the fantastic reports about your DLP trip. We are going to September and just can't wait. After reading your CC experience, I have been begging my husband to upgrade us to CC (booking for std. room right now). He refuses stating that the difference is $500 USD for the upgrade. "Think how much shopping you can get for $500". So I will keep nagging him until he gives in!! I want the entire "Disney Magic" experience of being pampered and staying in a special place.

    Thank you once again for sharing your trip with us in such detail. I'm sure everyone is dying to go to DLP after reading about your trip.

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  4. richard3330

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    Jul 30, 2002
    Thanks for the brilliant report.

    I totally agree - Inventions buffet is a must visit for all going to Disneyland Paris.

    Richard. :)
  5. WDWfan uk

    WDWfan uk <font color=red>.... but you can call me Shirley :

    Aug 21, 1999
    Your report is certainly not too long! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and thank you for the great descriptions of the meals at Walts and Inventions!
  6. Skiing is best, Mickey comes next

    Jun 17, 2000
    Thanks for the great report - I've addedyou to the Trip Report Index. I'm deeply, deeply envious of your Castle Club stay! Must save up my pennies to do this one year.


  7. bubblefactory

    bubblefactory DIS Veteran

    Jan 29, 2003
    Thanks Rob and everyone else for your comments. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm even making myself jealous and am frantically trying to get back this year.

    I will try to do day 3 tomorrow ~ the meal receipts are at the ready!

    Paula ~ (Mrs Bubble Factory :) )
  8. Squidge

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    May 16, 2003
    Hi Alec and Paula,

    Thanks again for a nother great day's trip report - I am enjoying them immensly and living the Disney magic vicarioualy through you guys!

    Kirsty x

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