Trip Report: April 20th-24th...Day Two

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    Aug 24, 1999
    Based on the advice from this board, we decided to try DL first. It was open from 8-12, and it was a blackout day for most annual passholders. When we first arrived, I was shocked at how few people were there. We got there at 8:05 am and walked right in - no line. I had mentally prepared myself for big crowds, so this was a relief. We were gazing at the flowerbed in the entry plaza when Alice in Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts ran toward us. The Queen was shaking her finger at DH and Alice said that he might be beheaded because the queen didn't like the way he was looking at her! He was eventually spared and the queen left with Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum. Close call!

    We hit Indiana Jones first and had about a 5 minute wait. That's the best way to start a trip since it's our favorite DL attraction (it was also our last ride of the trip). The rest of the morning went really smoothly, we did all the major attractions by 11 (Indy, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder, Space Mtn, Matterhorn), and then went to Innoventions since we'd never gone to the DL version before. We got addicted to the Who Wants to be a Millionaire computer games (I won $32k!) and also a really cute Sony play pad that lays on the floor & you jump around on it while a Disney sing-a-long video plays. The key is to step on the correct shape as it appears on the screen, so in essence you're dancing along while competing with your partner. It's hard to describe, but of ton of fun & it will get your heart rate up! Definitely play around with it if you see it at Innoventions.

    When we left Innoventions, hello crowds! Suddenly the park was packed and we were kind of annoyed with ourselves for spending so much time in Innoventions when we should have been taking advantage of no lines. But, we fast passed it for the rest of the day, and had no problems. In fact, the crowds were only a problem in common areas where it got very congested, but lines were minimal with fast pass. Big kudos to Disney for coming up with that. I still don't understand why people are standing in 60 minute+ lines when fast pass is available, but that's okay because it works out better for the rest of us!

    We had lunch at Blue Bayou. We each had a bowl of soup and split the Monte Cristo. That sandwich is heaven, but I couldn't even finish my half because it's so rich! I thought it was funny that instead of a side dish of some sort it comes with an apple. Whenever I've got a craving for something fried & cheesey, chances are I'm not hungry for an apple. We thought that might be Disney's way of saying, "now you better eat something that's good for you!" Blue Bayou has great food & even better service. Not to mention an amazing atmosphere. I highly recommend eating here and taking shelter from the heat & crowds. Although, on this day, we could have used some heat. It was pretty chilly & I had a hard time keeping warm.

    We went back to the hotel later in the day to rest and returned for the fireworks & Fantasmic. IMHO, Believe is the very best Disney fireworks show. I just get chills watching it & I love the music they've chosen for it. After the show we headed over to get a spot for Fantasmic. That was a nightmare! There were a ton of people leaving the area from the early show & a ton of people heading that way for the late show. CMs were doing their best to direct traffic, but it was dark, cold & crowded and people were getting pushed all over the place. By the time we got there, most of the choice spots were taken, so we decided just to grab some dinner & then watch it wherever we can once it started. I saw the people up on the Gallery balcony enjoying the dessert buffet & I was jealous! But who was going to get up early and wait for tickets?! Not me & not DH! Oh well. We just watched from outside one of the New Orleans restaurants (French Mkt, maybe?) & the view was just fine. I enjoyed this version better than the WDW Fantasmic. It seems less staged since it takes place in the Rivers of America instead of an auditorium. After the show, we were too tired to fight crowds and try to get another ride in. We stopped on Main Street for coffee (we always stop at the bakery on our way out, it's so tempting), and then went back to the room to rest up. Tommorrow was going to be a big day! Our first visit to DCA!
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    Thanks so much for the trip report Shelly! I am printing off both days and going to read them tonight. I look forward to hearing about your wonderful trip!

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    Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Thanks for posting!

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