TRIP REPORT 2003-2004 New Year's Cruise Day 5

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    Jan 3, 2004
    DAY 5 12/31 NEW YEAR'S EVE

    New Year's Eve in St. Thomas! It doesn't get much better than this... except for the fact that the WHOLE SHIP had to be awake at 6:00 A.M. and go to the Walt Disney Theatre for immigration check. Since we re-entered the U.S. (St. Marten to St. Thomas), the entire ship had to have an ID/passport check. But in true Disney fashion, we were met outside the theatre with coffee/juice/pastries by smiling cast members. They had the Disney Channel on large TV screens for the kids, they had us applaud the immigration officials when they entered the theatre--and it was so fun and efficient that you couldn't be cranky.

    By 7:00 we were eating breakfast at Topsider's, with plenty of time to eat before our Catamaran Snorkling excursion left at 8:00. I highly recommen this trip. 45 people go across to St. James or St. John on a beautiful Cat for snorkling or beach combing. The capatin had fruit, snacks, a cooler of beer and sodas, another cooler of Bahama Mamas, and Jimmy Buffet songs in the nackground.

    We were back at the ship at 1:30. We've shopped on St. Thomas before and decided to stay on the ship this time.

    That night we had an awesome New Year's Eve dinner and party on the ship. Disney thought of everything. Baloon drop in the atrium, parties in every locale, noisemakers, free champage

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