Trip Day !


Sep 15, 2010
ahhh, the last day, I just keep that out of my mind the whole trip, until I actually get in bed foe the night, then it hits me. Did you like the Luxor ? where are you two thinking about staying the next time ?
Love the Luxor. Affordable and very unique. We're big fans of different architecture. The atrium is huge and a great view every time you come and go from your room ( we always stay in the pyramid ). The elevators moving at a 40 degree angle are both cool and fun when your drunk LOL. Factoid : You could park 6 747s on the atrium deck. If you ever stay there ask for a room in the southwest corner of the pyramid. It's the quiet corner. The others are good to but the echo from the huge inside space is much more noticeable. The north face of the pyramid has the best views if the echo is not a issue. This was the 5th time we've stayed there. Word about the pyramid suite, the site says it has a whirlpool tub for two but the truth is that it's just a regular two person bathtub. We did a suite this trip and we're bummed out about the tub. Standard room only have a shower but it is BIG. Two people fit fine with plenty of extra room to move around.
We're probably going to do Luxor again next trip but the Mirage does look interesting to us.


Apr 8, 2011
Yes for the reason you gave the Luxor is on my list to try, you sound like me, I like a place I keep going back, but I was talked into staying at different Hotel each time, try it you will love it, only takes a couple of days to get comfortable with layout, And its almost like the changed all of Vegas up when you do anther hotel


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