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Mar 15, 2001
We're considering arriving the day before our cruise begins- on Friday. We have purchased ground (not air) transportation through Disney. We'll probaby fly into Orlando. Will Disney drive us to Port Can. on the Friday we arrive? What times do the busses generally run? If we stay in Orlando for the night, where will the bus pick us up to take us to the ship???
The buses leave the airport starting at about 10:00am. We had air through DCL and they put us up in the Airport Hyatt on Friday night. We were told to meet the cruise line reps at 9:30am in the Hyatt lobby to sign in for the bus.

If you want to take the DCL bus, you can stay at an airport area hotel. Most of them have shuttle service to and from the airport. You'll have to get back to MCO in order to meet the bus. The Hyatt is pretty pricey, but people on this board have gotten some good deal there via

We ended up being on the second bus, got to the port at about 11:00am, and were among the first 20 or so people in line to board.
Did you book air through Disney so your transfers would be more streamlined? It seems like their air is a lot higher than the going rate.
We just did the 1-26 cruise got into Orlando 12:30 am had reservations at Quility Inn airport took a shuttle from airport to hotel and back Sat Am then got the Disney Bus very easy and at $39.00 much cheaper the Hyatt .

I will staying at the Swan for two days before my cruise. When I go back to the airport to catch the DCL bus am I better off going to Terminal A or the Hyatt lobby?
palllamb.....why don't you catch the DCL bus from one of the WDW resorts? You shouldn't have to go to the airport first and then take the DCL bus. They have buses that leave from certain WDW resorts. It would cost you transfers to get from WDW to the airport, unless you are dropping off a rental car, maybe?? In that case, you should check out Avis and just drive to the port yourself. You can drop off the car at the Radisson which is about a mile from the Ship and has a complimentary shuttle.

Call DCL and see where the pick-ups at WDW are.

kpg...I am pretty sure Disney buses do not run on Fridays. You would have to stay overnight at either WDW to catch the bus on Sat or the airport and catch the bus on Sat.

mmouse37..... We're are doing the 7 night cruise which leaves Saturday so I don't think DCL buses pick up at the resorts for this one. I think for the 7 night they pick up at the MCO Airport and Hyatt Airport only. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I did think of your idea. I hate the thought of taking Mears to the airport and then trying to locate the DCL bus but this seems to be the cheapest for the two of us. Hopefully it won't be too bad. We are not renting a car and a limo or towncar would cost us quite a bit more than Mears and the bus.
Patty :earsgirl:

Pallamb. Double check with many people add on nights before even the 7 day that I would bet DCL runs a bus from the one of the Resorts. It would just make sense, but call them and check it out.

Post your response because now I am very curious!!! I would hate for you to have to pay transfers just to get to the airport to pick up the DCL bus. Dave.....any insight on this?

We are also coming in the night before and staying at the airport in Orlando (Got a $64 deal at the Amerisuites with transportation from the airport and free breakfast). Using the coupon from Barb and Tony's site, we booked Happy Limo towncar to and from Port Canaveral for $120. Since there are 4 of us, Disney would have wanted $200 for the bus trip. Happy Limo is picking us up at the Amerisuites and then picking us up at our Cocoa Beach hotel for the trip back for no extra cost. So other than renting a car, this has got to be the cheapest way to go if you have more than 2 people. and even if you have two people, it's only $40 more, and they will pick you up and drop you off when YOU want to go, as well as stopping by a grocery to pick up sodas, etc. Seems worth it to me, but that's just my opinion. Good luck with whatever you decide!

We have Disney book the air for several of reasons. Mostly for the convenience. I did some research and figured that I could save less than $100 total for two people if I booked the air and hotel by myself, depending on the time of year and the current airfare. It is more convenient for us to fly out of Ontario, CA than LAX, but that makes air more expensive. I could have saved money if we flew out of LAX on our own, but not really a great deal flying out of ONT. We also like staying at the Hyatt because it's convenient. I don't want to have to wait for a shuttle to another hotel after just spending the whole day on a plane. We can be checked into the Hyatt and in the pool within about 20 minutes of claiming our luggage. With the air program, the cruise line will collect your luggage outside your door at the Hyatt on the morning of the cruise, and deliver it to your stateroom. So you really only have to transport your luggage from the baggage claim to the front desk of the Hyatt. Finally, as has been mentioned before, if DCL books your air, they are responsible for making sure you reach the ship, or getting you to the next port. This isn't such a big deal when you arrive the day before, but if the ship is late returning and you miss your flight, they're also responsible for re-booking you.

So yes, you can save money by booking your own air, but in our case, we feel that the extra we pay for our situation is worth the convenience and peace of mind.
pallamb......Ok, I just spoke with a DCL rep and here is the lowdown. Yes, DCL does provide bus transportation on Saturdays from the WDW resort to the cruise terminal. Here are the resort pick ups.

Grand Floridian
Beach Club
Port Orleans Riverside

Transfers are $46pp r/t -- Resort to Ship, then Ship to Airport when you disembark.

That should ease your mind a bit!!! Call DCL and book the transfers if that is the way you want to go!!

So if we're staying at the AKL the night before the cruise, where should we catch the bus from, and at what time should we do it?
mmouse37......Thank you so much for calling DCL. This will make things so much easier the morning of our cruise. I'm going to call my TA tomorrow and have her call DCL to book the transfers. I think we will be able to use the DCL buses from the airport to the resort, resort to pier, and pier to airport. I think it will probably be the $63.00 pp (land /sea price) but still well worth it.
Thanks again, Patty:earsgirl:
mmouse37...... My TA talked with DCL and we are all set with our transfers. I am so relieved! The TA and DCL were impressed with the info I received from you. DCL apologied for my transfers not being completely correct. They said the transfers should have been changed when I added the Swan to my cruise. Thank you so much for all your help.


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