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Jun 25, 2005
This is not park related but you guys are amazing and I figured you would know. After we are done at Disney we were going to take the RER into the city. I won't know which stop to get off at till we book our airbnb but once we do that because we are going to have our luggage I was going to get a taxi or lyft to the house (unless we get lucky enough to get a house next to a metro station) but then when we head to southern france we need to get to the Eurrail station. I was looking and we need to go to Toulouse and it said to take the TGV at Gare Montparnase. Is there a metro train that takes you to that station? And if we don't have internet on our phones I am assuming we are stuck with Taxis since we can't use the Lyft or uber app? Sorry to have so many questions but when I look it up it has been a bit confusing.


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Feb 5, 2012
Gare Montparnasse also has a RER (metro) station. It is not served by all/most lines, only 2 lines by the looks of it. So depending on where you are in the city and the RER station nearest to your Airbnb, you might need to transfer.

When you book your Airbnb, can't you filter on those which offer Wi-Fi? I don't use Uber a lot, but I remember only needing internet on my phone to request, nothing else during or upon arrival.

Btw, as far as I know Lyft is not available in France.


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Apr 23, 2012
This metro map should help you identify which lines go to that station. Google Maps also includes public transit routes.

On AirBnB you can't get exact addresses until you book, but they generally say if they are near a station. The Metro is so prevalent in Paris it's not too hard to find a place near a station, and if you are traveling light transferring is not a big deal.


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