Trail Ends Buffet...


and Casey, too!
Apr 30, 2000
Can someone give me the price of the lunch buffet for adults and kids? Also, are drinks included. Thanks in advance.
If you go to this web site, it will tell you the prices and what is on the menu too:

hope this helps

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Is this an "all-you-can-eat"? I can't believe we didn't try it in Oct. We never made it over there :( We were too busy.

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Yes, this is an all-you-can-eat buffet. We were very pleased with selection and quality of the food. The CMs are very friendly!
My parents love it and feel it's one of the best values in the park. They make sure to hit it on one of their 'travel' the resort days.

3 days and counting!

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Just wanted to offer another thumbs up for the Trails End Buffet. My family ate there twice in January - both times dinner - and my husband and I agree that we will definitely return on other trips. The best value on WDW property!

I've been to Ft. Wilderness 3 times and always enjoyed the meals at Trails End.
Two years ago we flew in to Orlando for a quick three day stay at the Coronado Springs Resort at WDW. After two days of somewhat less than great meals, I said "I know where the food is good". We used our rental car and went to the office at FW. We took the bus to Pioneer Hall, ate at Trails End, and sat outside in the rocking chairs relaxing after our meal. That was the best meal of our vacation.
Saw the menu, but seems short on the ubiquitous mac & cheese, chix nuggets, pb&j that my kids tend to eat. Is that stuff also available?
Unless I don't know of a menu, I think that everyone eats off the buffet. My 3 year old son found plenty to eat - mac and cheese, pizza, fried chicken, roast beef, jello, etc.


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