Traffic between MCO & WDW


Make a miracle!
Aug 18, 1999
If we arrive at MCO around 4:30 PM are we going to get stuck in a lot of traffic of people getting off work? Before getting on the road we'd have to get our luggage and take care of the rental car business so that would most likely put us on the road about 5:30 I'm guessing.
Any thoughts?
Use the south exit to 417 south (Florida Greenway). There is rarely much traffic on this road. I haven't used it MCO-WDW during that time, but I have gone WDW-MCO and traffic wasn't a problem. I did use it MCO-WDW around 8:00am last year and it was OK. It is well south of the main Orlando business area. On the other hand, if you use the North Exit to the Beeline to I-4 I bet you would hit alot of rush hour traffic since I-4 is the main highway through Orlando.
We've driven all thru Central Florida, and the road that I most like to avoid is I-4. Slow and backed up!

We've done MCO-WDW at 4:30PM before. Just take the South Airport Exit, the Greenway, and follow the signs to WDW. :)

Just avoid the north airport exit and I-4! :)


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