Trading Pirate Q and SITS pins and more :D

Discussion in 'Virtual Traders Market' started by Roller Coaster Gal, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Roller Coaster Gal

    Roller Coaster Gal ♥ Summer Love... ♥

    May 28, 2007
    Hi there, I am trading some pirate q and sword in the stone pins. My wants list is at the bottom, even if you don't have items on my wants, still offer :goodvibes

    2x Captains Quarters Couches
    5x Matterhorn Sword in the Stone Pins
    3x Captain Nemo Chairs Pink
    1x Adventureland Retro Pin
    1x 4th of July 06 Pin
    1x Burning Village Pin
    1x Castaway Creek Pin (From 06)

    Sparrow Hat
    Sparrow Pants
    Green Explorer Pants
    ATIS Mighty Eye Pin
    ATIS Snowflakes Pin
    Casey Jr. Pin
    DLR Paradise Pier
    Haunted Mansion Bride in the Attic Pin
    Haunted Mansion Gravedigger Pin
    Haunted Mansion Hitch-hiking Ezra Pin
    Holiday 05 Pin
    Jungle Cruise Talking Toucan Pin
    Mad Tea Party Pin
    Maui Tiki Pin
    Rongo Tiki Pin
    Tangaroa Tiki Pin
    Tangaroa-Ru Tiki Pin

    I may consider credits =)

  2. llama62

    llama62 Wants his own scouting report

    Jul 11, 2007
    i have a casey jr. pin, but i am not interested at anything on this list.

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