Trading BWV points for OKW points


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Jan 26, 2000
We are planning to travel to WDW in Nov. We own at BW but are interested in staying at OKW - Can you arrange thru member services to trade your BW points w/another members OKW points? I know we have a board here where you could rent points, but we are mainly just interested in trading with another member. Is this possible?
TIA for the info!:)
You can trade, there are rules that make true trades impossible. You can only have one point transfer per year into or out of your account. If you agree on a trade, you can transfer your points to the other party, but that move uses both of your transfers for the year. The other party would not be able to transfer them back to you.

You can make reservations at OKW yourself. You will be limited to the seven month window, but unless you are looking for a Grand Villa or hiliday period, you should be able to get reasonably close to what you want.

The way trades are actually done is to make a reservation in the other person's name using your points and the other party doing the same for you.

There is a degree of trust invloved.
I would go ahead and book yourselves at BWV now...........and then try to book alternatively at OKW at the 7 month window; you can always cancel your BWV reservations if OKW is available.

Good Luck,
I own at BWV and was able to get a reservation at OKW for early/mid May the past 3 years with no problem at 7 months. November isn't a peak season (except around Thanksgiving) so you would probably be able to get it. BWV is more popular in early November because of the food & wine festival at Epcot. OKW is a much larger resort so availability is easier than the other WDW DVC resorts.

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