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Nov 16, 2000
I went to the top 20 poster thing and learned that prior to my last two posts, I was in 515th place for most posts. After this post I shall move ahead of someone (for the time being) that we all know, dancergirl. What place is everyone else in (it takes a while to figure out because there is only 20 people on a page).
ROTFL at your Dr. Evil, Kittie Kat..
"No, Mini Me, we do not knaw on our kitties." :p
To see the list of top 20 posters, go to the "Members" link at the top of your screen, then click on Top 20 Posters. :D
id probably be like 10000000000000000 lol!! did u notice that the #1 poster posts an average of 34 a day??? thats crazy!! im only averaging about 5!
<font face="comic sans ms" size=4 color=deeppink>i'm like REALLY bored... & SHOULD be doing my homework.. but i just figured out i'm on the 225th page & i'm in like 4486th place... wow, after this post i might be in 4480! hehe :) *sigh* i have NOOO life! lol</font>
Wow I'm on the 46th page... but that's really not that bad compared to my mom. she's on the 162nd page, and she registered last September!
Im on the 9th list!!! I just checked!!! Of course, nativetexn and Dan are gonna be on top!!! they have thousands of posts!!


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