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Earning My Ears
Jul 31, 2016
Looking for recommendations. I have a noon reservation on Saturday with a rather tight park-touring schedule. Toothsome says it gives a 15-minute reservation grace period. I may arrive a little late, and may want to get out quickly (before 1p.m.). My party is mostly interested in doing dessert-for-lunch. The reviews I've read tend toward Toothsome being a long experience. Should I stick with the reservation and hope to be fed and out by 1p.m., or do I have any other Toothsome options? In a past trip, we sat in an area to the left of the main entrance that had a "dessert-only" (or something similar) menu. We were in and out in under a half hour. Is this still an option?


DIS Veteran
Oct 12, 2013
I think you’ll be fine if you order your food (dessert in your case I believe) right away with your drinks. If you are sharing I do highly recommend the sundaes instead of the milkshakes as the sundaes are huge and very easy to share. I think they are very similar in cost but it just seems like you get so much more with the sundae and the way that it’s displayed, it’s very easy to share logistically. Here’s a pic of a recent peanut butter sundae and then a birthday cake sundae from a week ago (2 separate trips). Both very tasty!




DIS Veteran
Mar 13, 2010
Do we need a reservation for the "dessert only" section or should we expect a wait in the evening after dinner? We want to try the sundaes but don't want a reservation to worry about!

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