To young for autograph book?


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Oct 27, 2000
Hi, dd is now 8 years old and working on her 3rd WDW autograph book! WOW! Last year she was 7 years old and ds was 15 months old so we just used dd's autograph book. But this next trip, ds will be 2 years and 4 months old, should he have his own autograph book? I would like to get him one so he has his own, what do you think? THX Sandra
When we went in June, my ds was 2yrs and 2 mo. She had her own autograph pages and alothough I am not sure she fully understood WHAT she was doing, she did get into it.
When younger DS was 2.5, we bought him an autograph book because we bought his odler brother one. Little DS enjoyed having one, especially at character meals. DS tries hard to keep up with his older brother and wants to do whatever older DS is doing. If I were you, I might not buy your ds a passport at Epcot (but he can make a mask- and the masks are free), but I would get an autograph book.
I have a great story about our then 2 1/2 yr old DD and our first trip to WDW. We bought both kids an autograph book (ds was almost 11). We really didn't know if DD would "get into it". She made sure she got the autographs of every character we saw. On our MGM day we took the animation tour. At the end of the part where the animator talks to the group and does a drawing she started screaming as we were leaving. She wanted his autograph too. He was in shock. This was a very young guy who had not been in the animation dept very long. I thiink it took a week to get the smile off his face. He even drew DD a picture of Mickey. the next thign you know about 5 people were lined up for his autograph.

I think it is a great idea to get your toddler one. My dd was 2 yrs and 4 mo when she first went to WDW and she had her own. She loved it...and we plan on using the same book this trip. I tried to date the autographs at the end of each day so she can keep track of the siggies. We've done the same with ds.

I have a same but different story...

A few Xmas's ago, dh was at a company function for dinner so I took dd to a restaurant, she was only about 3 years old. We were talking about Winnie the Pool and 101 Dalmations. A man from the next table came over and handed dd a characterture drawing of herself and 101 Dalmations! Turns out he's a Disney animator and over heard us talking. dd was thrilled!
We went to Disney 3 years ago when DD was 2 1/2 and she had her own autograph book. Just last night she asked to look at it again, along with her Epcot Passport. It helps her to recall our trip.

My GN will be 2 1/2 this summer and we found her one of the Pluto autograph hounds at a Disney close-out store they had in Nashville. I think she'll enjoy taking him around the park and she won't need help turning pages. And hey, it was only $6!

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My youngest was 2 on our last trip, of course being # 6 kid, she does VERY well at keeping up with everyone else! She had an autograph book that she loved having everyone sign. At home I put as many stickers or pictures of the characters on the pages as I could. Now she can look at the pics and "see" whose autograph it is!

On another trip, I think with only 4 kids, we got many CM's autographs, even a GREAT waiter at Tony's rest. in MK. My then 9 yo DD really wanted to grow up to be a CM, (she still does!), and the CM's just loved signing her book! It started lots of great conversations!


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