To EMH, or not to EMH, that is the question.

ECU Pirates

Jun 30, 2002
We will be heading down to WDW on July 2nd, with our first day in the parks on Sunday, July 3rd.

We plan on visiting the MK. It is open until 12:30am. MGM is the EMH park that night from 10:00 - 1:00am.

I have read that MGM is very crowded on EMH nights.

My question is would we get more done staying at MK until 12:30 or hopping to MGM until 1:00am?



DIS Veteran
Feb 11, 2005
MK is crowded as well on EMH night. In 2 hours we did 5 attractions - Space Mountain (25 min wait), Stitch (15-20 min wait), Small World (no wait), Philharmagic (no wait), BTMRR (no wait). Of course it seems to take 10 minutes to walk all the way to Frontierland.... and this was just a regular Wed in May... during 4th of july time it has to be more crowded.

But at MGM there are two rides and a lot of shows. Shows can take up more time.


DIS Veteran
Feb 13, 2004
::MickeyMo In May, I never had a problem with any of the EMH nights. In fact, we found them to be empty. We just kept walking on ToT, RnR, and even the headliners in MK. :confused3 Was that odd? ::MinnieMo


DIS Veteran
Sep 25, 2003
hopefully in Oct EMH night will not be to crowded, at least that is what i am praying for.

Brooke :flower:


Life is full of Pixie Dust
Nov 2, 2003
We just returned from 8 days at WDW and had a wonderful time! We tried EMH on Wednesday, 5/25 and were very disappointed at the crowds. We managed to get to Mickey's PhilharMagic and Small World. Splash Mountain was closed due to difficulties and Big Thunder Mountain had a 55 minute wait at 12:30 AM. Space Mountain was the same. We accomplished much more by being there before opening or using the morning EMH.


DIS Veteran
Jan 19, 2002
Hi! We will be there at the same time - July 3-11th. I am planning on skipping EMH and hitting the park that had EMH the night before, at regular opening time. Except for Sunday the 10th. We'll go to MK that morning. Maybe we'll see you there. Look for the commando mom with the whiney family!


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