To DDP or not to DDP? Please help.

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by minniesfriend, Aug 4, 2006.

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    We will be at WDW the last week of Sept. DH has a conference and we decided to tag along. I'm still deciding whether or not to keep my free DDP or go with my AP discount. Hopefully, you can give me some input that will help me decide.

    We are not big eaters. DH and I usually share an entree if portions are large or eat a salad. DH has Type 2 diabetes (takes med.) and DS (9yrs.) has Type 1 diabetes (on insulin pump). DS cannot handle all of the fried food and carbs on the kid's menu and certainly cannot eat dessert two times a day. I was pleased to see WDW include some healthier options on the kid's menus but usually the meat portions are not enough to satisfy his appetite. We usually special order his (TS) meals, avoid the kid's meals, and request bottled water instead of soft drinks.

    Can we special order with the DDP or do we have to stick with the menu?

    Can DH and I share a meal ticket if the portions are too large?

    DH will be absent from four meals due to the conference. Can we use them for anyone in our family or do they have his name on them? We were thinking of doing a premium meal and then using the remaining four to cover the last day of our trip.

    We do have AP's and the DDE card. After crunching many numbers as to what we would actually spend if we ordered our normal portions, we come up with almost identical prices (if we include the premium meal).

    Are you finding it difficult to make your ADR's with the free DDP in effect? We need to eat at certain times.

    I really appreciate any input you guys can provide.

    Edit: It has occured to me after reading some of these threads that I may be unintentionally stirring a pot. From a health perspective, members of our family simply cannot eat everything the DDP includes. I was just wondering if we ordered a grilled chicken breast and fruit without dessert and called it square if that would be a problem. Perhaps I should just cancel our free DDP and pay out of pocket. I just thought it would be nice to experience DDP. No harm intended. :)

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