Tim Tracker advised not to take selfies with guests at Magic Kingdom


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Nov 28, 2014
Being an audio engineer, I work with "celebrities" (some I know, some I don't) all the time, so I know how fickle (for lack of a better word) crowds can be and seen how artists deal with that. Believe me, it can most certainly be a safety issue. I cringe watching Josh Bell's walk-through Disneyland videos when girls react and start following him. The line is definitely crossed when instead of an autograph or selfie, they want hair or clothing. Without security present, things can get out-of-hand very quickly.

I feel like the Trackers do not fit into this category. While they are well-known among the vlog and parks community, their target demographic should definitely behave themselves if they ever saw them doing their job. That being said, you never know what could happen.


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Apr 18, 2016
Because there is a rule about non-Disney sanctioned meet-and-greets, I bet some previous non-Disney meet-and-greet ruined this for everyone else. That's usually why these rules are in place.
  • Jennasis

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    Jun 11, 2000
    Lou will never say a bad word about Disney EVER, so I'm sure there's some perks that come with that – including certain people looking the other way during those meet-ups.
    Puhlease. I have been at several of Lou's meets where security came over and made us all disperse. He gets no preferential treatment.


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    Jan 22, 2015
    I do understand Disney's reasoning although it still stinks to hear about this happening to some people that basically give Disney free advertising for their parks. I know I've seen stuff about merchandise, events and restaurants from these vlogs that made me give Disney some of my money.
  • BradChristian

    Jan 6, 2015
    Puhlease. I have been at several of Lou's meets where security came over and made us all disperse. He gets no preferential treatment.
    Interesting! I was talking to Logan Sekulow (WDW Today) and he is at the point to where he doesn't want to build another show based on Disney because he worries about how Disney could crush it in a minute if they wanted to.

    Vlogs, Podcast and Networks like the Dis and TheTimTracker are new territory for corporate america... I admire Pete, Tim, and all the innovators who thought outside the box so many years ago...

    Heck - Bob Varley was SO ahead of his time. Kart Kam and his public access show? Primitive by today's standards but incredibly innovative for the time.


    Jun 11, 2017
    Don't see the interest in taking a selfie with a vlogger myself TBH, I'm there to take photos of my family. If there was a massive group round the guy though, fair enough for Disneg CM to ask them to move on and as to what they earn, none of anyone but the taxmans business.


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    Aug 20, 1999
    Please no. That guy is unbearable.
    FWIW it’s quite easy to not see any vlogger you don’t enjoy watching. :)

    I really enjoy Tim and Jenn Tracker’s YouTube videos, and if they are making an income out of them, I think that’s great. Not everyone has on-camera charisma, but they do.

    I would love to find a way to make a living by visiting Disney’s parks and resorts. But I would not have the talent to find things to film and talk about as prolifically as they do. Let alone, I don’t have the look or speaking ability that translates as well in video. Not to mention that I don’t have great photography skills, and my husband is worse behind the camera than I am.

    The Trackers are earning their bread honestly, and they are naturally engaging on film. Kudos to them, but I’m not likely to ask for a photo and def not an autograph. I would tell them that I liked their videos though. LOL!


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