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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by PJHuntleyCO, Jun 25, 2009.

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    Hi, DH and I were discussing the possibility of upgrading our tickets from park hoppers to parkhoppers with no-expiration, and adding 10 days, once we get to the hotel for our current stay. Is this possible to add the additional days at the hotel? :grouphug:We were thinking that we could go have our current vacation, pay for our additional days on the non-exiraption parkhoppers and that way we can maybe somewhat pre-pay for our next vacation. SO you Dis Experts - I need your expertise - can this be done? (We are looking the trips being over the 1 year apart, hence not interested in annual pass):grouphug:
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    I just spoke to Audrey this morning at Disney and according to her as long as it is within the 14 days expiration dates you can upgrade your ticket. Also you can (for example) buy 3 days now and if you want more you just buy them and you get the price as if you bought them all at one time. We did this a few years ago. Remember though, if you do this with you package right now you have to buy all the tickets the same way. We we were there last we bought 3 days worth of tickets but the wife and boy wanted one more day and they went to the ticket counter at the hotel and added it to theirs only for the discounted price. Hope this helps and makes sense. Always call just to make sure.
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    Feb 27, 2006
    You can upgrade anytime within 14 days of first use. You pay the no-expiration cost based on the number of days on your ticket, not the number of days remaining. Also, MYW tickets are for a maximum of ten days. You won't be able to add 10 days to a ticket (if I am reading your post right).

    Cheshire Figment has an excellent sticky on tickets. You can read about everything here:

    Hope this helps to answer your questions! :goodvibes
  5. brymolmom

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    Jun 8, 2005
    Have you done the math to make sure this is $$ wise? DEPENDING on many factors, sometimes it only 'saves' money to do this if you can use the tickets for at least 3 trips. Also - if you are into water parks - adding the water parks & More option gives you many more days at parks (the minor ones) for only $50 more per ticket. The per-day cost of our 10 day hopping with WPM non-expires work out to about $25 per day when you consider going to parks for 20 days...
  6. SandrA9810

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    Jul 24, 2005
    I would skip the park hopper and go for the non expiration and water park and more.

    Yes you can park hop, but if you're not disney vets, you're probably going to end up staying in the same park all day because there's still one more thing to do. Or the kids get tuckered out on the bus ride over to the other park. It's very easy to call it quites when you walk out the gates.
    I was just in the parks the other day and went to three parks, but only did a couple things at each park. Like we rode thunder, buzz, and barnstormer at MK (and got a haircut). Rode the monorail to epcot, hung out at innoventions, and ate at seasons. Then went to studios for a ride on Movie Ride and Toy Story before watching the second showing of Fantasmic. Most people just don't have it in them to only do two or three things in one park before leaving.
    At least with adding water park and more, it's like adding more days to your vacation.
  7. Cheshire Figment

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    Jan 12, 2001
    You might want to look at the Everything About WDW Tickets locked sticky in the TPA&S Forum. Especially the items bolded in the list below.

    Post and Contents
    1. This Table of Contents
    2. Magic Your Way (MYW) Ticket Basics Including Definitions
    3. Annual Passes and Water Park Tickets
    4. Tickets Available Only to Florida Residents
    5. Tickets Not Available to the General Public
    6. Upgrading MYW Tickets (Not to Annual Passes)
    7. Upgrading Tickets to Annual Passes
    8. Dealing With Tickets Issued Prior to 1 January 2005 (Pre-MYW)
    9. Children and Adults
    10. Special Events
    11. Comprehensive MYW Ticket Example
    12. Hotel Card (Key To The World (KTTW))
    13. Lost Tickets
    14. Finger Scans
    15. Frequently Asked Ticket Questions.
    15A. Hopping Rules
    15B. WPF&M With No Expire
    15C. No Expire Upgrades
    15D. Upgrading an Unused Ticket
    15E. Upgrading Special Tickets
    15F. Checking on Old Tickets
    15G. Renewing Annual Passes (Including Renewal Vouchers)
    15H. Upgrading Completely Used Tickets
    16. Price List as of August 3, 2008
    17. Comparison Chart of 2007 and 2008 Pricing.
    18. Free On Your Birthday 2009 Promotion
    19. Additional Birthday Promotion Details and Clarification
    20. Information on Disney's Armed Forces Salute 2009

    To get there directly, follow the link in my signature.

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