Earning My Ears
Feb 22, 2001
I seem to have lost the last thread on the old boards, so am not sure if anyone had any ideas on Thrifty car rental? Would appreciate any comments or things to watch out for!?! These new boards may take some time for me to get used to, good thing I have to the week end at home to do so! Thanks for any help-have appreciated all we have gotten so far!
I don't have a good answer for you, since I've never used Thrifty, but I am going to bump you back up top. :D
Hi. I've used Thrifty a couple times, so can help you here a bit.

A few suggestions about them.

DO NOT call them months ahead of time for a rate. It will sound ridiculous ($340 a week, e.g.) Don't know why, but their computer doesn't think about discount rates until about 2 months before the date you are booking.

DO call them a week or 2 days or some short amount before your trip, and you MAY find that they're the cheapest game in town. (Yes, Virginia, even cheaper than Alamo!)

They are quite good, actually. One of the closest places to the airport among the off airport places.

One suggestion, if you can afford it, rent at least an intermediate. All of their economy/compacts are Dodge Neons. And, I don't know about you, but I hate those cars. Reasons: 1. 3-speed automatic, so very (a) noisy and (b) lousy gas mileage. 2. Not very comfortable, even compared to its competitor the Ford Escort/Focus.

Hope this helps!

Oh, the office is just north of the airport on S. Semoran Blvd. 2nd traffic light n of airport I think.


Joe Hurley


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