Third Time's The Charm At The DISNEY COLLEGE PROGRAM Fall '19! (COMPLETE - 8/14)


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Sep 14, 2010
Tell everybody, I'm on my way
And I'm loving every step I take
With the sun beaming down, yes I'm on my way
And there's nowhere that I'd rather be

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome!

After a long hiatus from the Disney World side of the boards, I have returned for my biggest endeavor yet:

Documenting my 8 month endeavor known as...

:goofy::donald: The Disney College Program! :donald::goofy:

To be precise:
Fall Advantage 2019

If you know me, you know this is not the first time I had taken on an endeavor like this. Check the TR title again for a hint ;)

Oh! And where are my manners? Who am *I*, exactly?

(Those are Iron Man socks btw *sniffles* that I've also had to recently throw away *openly sobs*)

I'm Timmy. I have been the righthand man to a famed orange pup, a figment of your imagination, a princess hiding amongst monsters, the less glamorous Cinderella on both coasts, a mermaid yearning to be part of that world and now...
I shall be a Genie in disguise, selling the wares of a mouse as a

~Merchandise Cast Member~
and telling you the story of those many many months as your TR writer.

Aside from all that, I'm a newly evolved 23 year old with a Bachelor's degree in Management & Business in one hand and my dreams of glory in the other skipping off happily, avoiding true adulting, into an uncertain future. Think the end of The Graduate starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft, but less melancholy and more exciting and magical. You'll find me on that path staying up ridiculously late watching Turner Classic Movies and gushing over all the cute manses of old Hollywood, quoting the golden years of RuPaul's Drag Race, singing showtunes or Lady Gaga and being the most endearing little sassafras you love to hate.

BUT Above all I'm a MASSIVE Disney fanatic which is what brought me here.

I first discovered the DISBoards about 9 years ago following my first Disney trip EVER. To give you some perspective when I first went to Disney, Jiminy Cricket ran a nighttime spectacular duo for the ages, we went back back over the falls thanks to trolls instead of letting it go with Elsa, the special kingdom of animals only stayed open until dusk and Catastrophe Canyon was not getting taken over by ewoks. There's so much more that no longer exists of that time, but we're well aware what can happen in a decade's time at Disney even after two trips. Likewise, I wrote my first TR about that time and have now increased that number to SEVEN total trip reports with this being my FIFTH WDW joint on the boards. Add in 3.5 pre-trip reports (long story) and it all culminates in a total of TEN (and a half) TOTAL Disney writing journeys. I don't know how I did that but somehow I did.

In that time, I also managed to conquer none other than the aforementioned

My journey with this program has been an interesting one. I first applied for Fall 2015, which was earlier than I originally intended but I thought why not? Unfortunately, my application never moved beyond the submission phase and I was NLIC'd (No Longer in Consideration) on the last day. That wasn't gonna stop me as I applied again for Fall 2016 and made it all the way to the Phone Interview and a month and one day later, I was accepted to my first CP (College Program or Programmer) as a Lifeguard Cast Member. Most of you reading are probably thinking "hmm, lifeguard? weren't you Custodial?" And you'd be part right. I did start as a lifeguard, something I had done for the past four years prior and even in the days leading up to the program I was lifeguarding. However, Disney's standards are a bit higher and alas I wasn't physically or mentally acclimated for that role and got to transferred to Custodial at the Magic Kingdom!

I spent a lovely five months sweeping up Tomorrowland and Fantasyland in which I truly fell more in love with a company I knew I'd have to work for full time some day. I knew I had to get back, however college called and I had to finish that up. Don't worry, it's done now anyways.

Of course, college couldn't totally stop me and I applied again for the Alumni program last summer at Disneyland (of which I've ALMOST finished documenting if you are interested in that story: and I was accepted within FIVE DAYS for that, working as Custodial once again but this time at Disney's California Adventure. I might be jumping the gun on this one, but that was easily the best summer of my life and I won't long forget it.

This brings us back here. Immediately following that program, I applied left and right for Professional Internships and more College Programs to fill the empty void of unemployment that would soon follow me after college (I had quit my lifeguarding job the summer following my first CP and would be leaving my work study once I graduated, which only paid me enough for food). While I was at school applying for all that, it didn't go so well, meaning no employment for me in the spring, so I waited until the next application season after a h-e-double hockey sticks of a semester (and not in a good way). It went well at the start. I applied to many Professional Internships, managing a phone screen then an actual blue jeans interview for one in Guest Correspondence at Disneyland (the difference btw is a phone screen is an interview with a recruiter and the blue jeans is with a manager and the final step before acceptance). However, I didn’t end up getting that, DARN! I applied for some jobs back home including the Disney Store where I made it through two interviews where I was NLIC'd not long after the second, probably due to my mentioning of other applications. I applied to American Eagle too. However in all this not-so-great news, I got a glimmer of hope when I applied for another CP. It all happened just as quickly as my last two CPs, except I didn't feel too hot about my interview (we love a self-critical queen). Nonetheless, five days later and I got my acceptance and after two CPs worth of cleaning up Code H’s, Code V’s and Code U’s (take a wild guess at what all that means), I was moving on to Retail aka Merchandise.

In other words, Disney Store... you could've had me haha

Whatever though, instead I will be working at…

Disney’s Hollywood Studios!


Sunset Boulevard!

Catch me over here in my Walter Elias best at your favorite little shops such as Sweet Spells, Legends of Hollywood, Once Upon A Time (Carthay Circle store), Tower Hotel Gifts and many others. You know the best stores on property? *wink, wink*

To answer your real first question: Yes, this means I’m going to be in the thick of the opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

*screams internally, not sure if out of fear or excitement*
(Happy Opening again to Disneyland's own portal to Batuu!)

BUT FOR NOW we are here, the day before I fly down with my dad to spend a day of fun before I'm moved into FL in a final move out from home. No turning back. I'm ready to be independent. Before I do really hit that point, I think it important to get in my greatest story yet being a member of the Disney College Program. Jess (PrincessJess508) documented her legendary adventure 6 years ago and I'm about to do the same (just in my own way and maybe... a little better).

Yes, you heard me right. This will be a (mostly) LIVE recount of 8 months in Florida!

My family and I leave June 2nd and my program officially begins on the 3rd. The program officially ends on January 9th, but I don't plan on that being a return home. However I will conclude my story there for my own sanity and you'll be bored hearing about my millionth hug sesh with Pluto anyways (hey, you're about to sign up to read all of this? I need to be as honest and over-exaggerated as possible).

Sooooo you ready for this? Eight months. Four parks. Two water parks. One massive shopping district. A certain "enemy" park. Over twenty-five resort hotels. Two mini-golf courses. Fourth of July. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Year's. The Opening of the Most Immersive Land in Disney Parks History. Pure joy. Imminent depression. Stress. It's all gonna be happening at the Walt Disney World Resort and I'll be keeping all of y’all there with me every step of the way.

If you want to follow along where it's truly live, check out my instagrams:
* @kweentimothyi and @amagnoliainmay *

"So, put your hands up cause the night is young..." "...and smile, SMILE... HAPPINESS IS HERE!"

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Sep 14, 2010
Table of Contents

Duration of Program: 6/3/19 - 1/9/20 (& Beyond)

6/2/19 (Arrival Day): It's Been 3 Long Years...
6/3/19 (Check-In Day): It's Just Beginning...
Finding That Happily Ever After
6/4/19 (Movie Date & More): Y'Know... We Were Kinda Tired
6/5/19 (Pool Day): Just One Way To Get Sunburnt
6/6/19 (Housing Event & Photoshoots): OPPALENCE, YOU EARN EVERYTHANG
Ain't No Party Like A CP Party
6/7/19 (Traditions): *Taps Wrist*
Did You Really Have Traditions If You Didn't Go To Magic Kingdom After?
***Just A Quick Little Story...***
6/8/19 (Kicking It Off At DAK): To Pandora or To NOT Pandora?
6/9/19 (Welcome to Ops & Epcot!): Always Overly Punctual
6/10/19 (Epcot & Studios Park Hop!): Convoluted Journey to A Happier But Emotional Day
***Meanwhile In A Galaxy Far Far Away/A Little More Horrifying***
***I Guess I Disappeared Again... I'm Trying To Re-Appear, I Promise***
6/11/19 (Merchandise Core & Characters in Epcot): I'm Only Here To Meet Tigger
6/12/19 (First Day of On-The-Job Training): The Day I Became A Strawberry
6/13/19 (Second Day of On-The-Job Training): We Really Love The Sunset Fam
***'Till The Spire, Walt Disney World!***
***DCP Fall Advantage 2019 Montage***
6/14/19 (On With The Show, Studios & DAK): I Am The Hollywood Studios Know-It-All
I Should Get Paid Over Time For This
*Spongebob Voice* Pandora... AT NIGHT
6/15/19 (A Whole Day At Magic Kingdom): In This Essay I Will Write About The Dangers of ECVs
A Ghost Just Follows Me Everywhere
2016 Timmy Makes A Comeback
6/16/19 (Half-Day at DAK): The Bad Shoe Days Continue
6/17/19 (Assessment Day/Last Day of Training): The Best Laid Plans Dot Dot Dot You Know The Rest
6/18/19 (A Day at the Monorail Parks): Let The Rain Fall Down
Sardu Hasselfrau! This Is An Awesome Mix Live Stan Trip Report
6/19 - 6/22/19 (First Week Off Training): Cast Members Don't Need Rest AKA I Don't Need Rest
6/23/19 (Yet Another Monorail Parks Day): The Purple Crayon
When In Epcot, We Watch Movies From Around The World
6/24/19 (Disney's Animal Kingdom & Toy Story Land Cast Event): Dreaming of Beastly Kingdom on Nature Walks
How I Became Andy's Favorite Toy
6/25 - 6/30/19 (Another Week on Sunset Boulevard): Let's Begin The Beguine!

7/1/19 (Cast Connection, Endgame Re-Release, etc.): Kermit Was With Me Through All Of This, Why?
7/2/19 (Far From Home and Evening at MK): Kermit Strikes Back With Valuable Emotional Support
7/3 - 7/4/19 (Working Fourth of July Weekend at Studios): Happy Fourth! I'm Dying.
7/5 - 7/12/19 (Deployment to Animation Courtyard and EHH at Epcot): The Chronicles of a Socially Anxious Cast Member in New Territory
7/13/19 (A Full Day at Epcot And A Stop At Studios): Still Pretty In Pink On A Cloudy Day
Daisy & I Being Iconic Per Usual
7/14/19 (Typhoon Lagoon and Jellyrolls): I'm A True Adult Because I Love The Lazy River
7/15 - 7/18/19 (Work, Will's Birthday, The Lion King Disney Parks Blog Event & a BIG Announcement): I Hate Everyone Going To Batuu
7/19 - 7/21/19 (Fantasyland and DAK Park Arrival EHH): Once A Magic Kingdom Cast Member, Always A Magic Kingdom Cast Member
7/22/19 (Seeing Crawl And Evening At DAK): Let's Slow It Down A Bit Today
7/23/19 (Magic Kingdom And Studios Cast Event): The Lost Boy Knows My Name!
Near Decapitation Starring Aerosmith
7/24 - 7/25/19 (Last Two Days on Sunset Boulevard): Only Two More Nights Under The Stars, Under The Stars
7/26/19 (Epcot With Blakely and Emporium Shift): Princes Just Remember My Face From The Marketplace Or Something, I Don't Know...
7/27/19 (Pin Traders Shift/Last EHH Shift): The Dark Horse of Merchandise
7/28 - 7/29/19 (Live Your Story - Star Wars Galaxy's Edge & The Last Jedi Cast Event): No Sleep For The Newest Scoundrel In Galma
7/30 - 8/1/19 (Initial Galaxy's Edge Training): Beeps, Boops, Scrap Metal And Everything In Between

8/2/19 (Final Day of Training & My Cast Preview!): An Entire Day In Black Spire Outpost
8/3/19 (Surprise Reunion At Port Orleans & Epcot Evening): These Beignets Aren't Catching Any Men
8/4 - 8/6/19 (First Days Working In Galaxy's Edge & Goodbye To ICPs/Spring CPs): Off The Clock And Still Being THAT Cast Member
8/7/19 (A Rainy Day At Epcot With DIS-Meets!): Alexa Play "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga in EPCOT
8/8/19 (Housing Event And The Most Exciting Stock Shift Ever!): I'm A Sucker For All These Things
8/9/19 (Springs, Magic Kingdom & Epcot): A Rather Vague Haunted Mansion Birthday
8/10 - 8/11/19 (The Grand Return To Saber/Droid Shifts): A Savi's Gatherer Life For Me
8/12 - 8/13/19 (Day Off Then Back to SWGE): Why Am I Always At Studios Anyways?
8/14/19 (Reunion With Olivia at DAK): Skidmore's Finest Take On The Animal Kingdom
8/15 - 8/17/19 (More Days on Batuu): INDY! FINALLY!!!
8/18/19 (Last Day of Awesome Mix Live :( ): The Character Interludes, Which Includes Me, I'm A Character
"For The Terrans." So Long, Star Lords!
8/19 - 8/20/19 (Summer Days On And Off Planet): Including A Casual Outing On The BoardWalk
8/21/19 (A Reunion 3 Years In The Waiting): The DCP Besties Reunion You've Been Waiting For
8/22/19 (Galaxy's Edge Media Day): Media Day? Yes, The Galaxy's Edge Cast Was Instagram Ready After Today
8/23/19 (My First Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Of This Program!): We'll Call This "The Pre-Game"
All Leading Up To A Special Request At The Monstrous Scream-O-Ween Ball
The Night Ends SPOOKtacularly
8/24 - 8/27/19 (Final Days Before Opening SWGE): The Final Countdown, Celebrated With Slushies!
8/28/19 (Last Day Before SWGE Opening Day & Food and Wine): Quiet Festival-Less Epcot Is The Best Epcot
DAS How We Say TTYL To Studios
8/29/19 (Opening Day of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge): Three Hours Early And A MAGIC BAND?!?!
8/30 - 9/1/19 (That Savi's Life Plus Food & Wine): Oh Yeah! There Was Another Big Opening, Wasn't There?

9/2/19 (Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Part Two): The Moment My College Program Memories Had Peaked
We Witnessed The Unforgettable Jack Sparrow Swagger
The Dynamic Duo Finish Off Another Scary Fabulous Evening
9/3/19 (Hurricane Dorian Day!): There's A Hurricane Coming, Want To Go To Epcot?
Say Hello To The New Poster Child For World Showcase!
9/4 - 9/7/19 (With Some Fun Before & After Work): That Time I Had Splash Mountain To Myself And Some Other Things
9/8/19 (Halloween Horror Nights Opening Weekend!): A Hurt Rib Won't Stop Me From Getting Spooky
9/9/19 (Block Out Date Lifted!): You'd Think I Would Stay Away From Batuu, Wouldn't You?
9/10 - 9/13/19 (Friday The 13th And Better Luck): We Are Here To Celebrate The Birth Of R5-T9
9/14/19 (Food & Wine With Robbie): Staycation Secured, Let's Go Drink!
Shimmering Sips Spilling All The Tea
9/15/19 (A Short Staycation & A Proper Horror Nights Evening): IT ACTUALLY FITS MY PRINCESS AND THE FROG PRE-HHN FANTASY NIGHTMARE
Inducting New Members Into The Haus Of Vanity And Getting All The Attention Anyways
The Last Mad Dash To Complete HHN29... Or Was It?
9/16 - 9/17/19 (Post-Staycation Funk): DO YOU CARRY A LUNCH BOX?
9/18/19 (HHN Night #3): The Universal Monsters Have Great Taste
9/19/19 (HHN Night #4): We're Upgrading The Fear And The Mayhem
Only Yeti For My Friends, Tribute Store Only For Me
9/20 - 9/23/19 (Some More Shifts): Ordinary Days
9/24/19 (Skyliner Preview): I Don't Care I'm Claiming Tiana
9/25 - 9/26/19 (PAY DAY & After): I Just Cry A Lot (In Walt Disney Presents)
9/27/19 (First Solo Universal Day, HHN Night #5 & More): A Ride On Sirius Black's Motorbike? Don't Mind If I Do
One-On-One Time With All The Classic Monsters Is All I'll Ever Need
9/28/19 (My Final Viewing Of IllumiNations): We Do Truly Go On
9/29 - 10/1/19 (Star Wars Appreciative Work): Vi Moradi Stan Club Chapter

10/2/19 (HHN Night #6): In Which I Don't Ruin My Horror Nights Look In The Daytime
The Messiest Of Nights
10/3 - 10/4/19 (Work Plus Cantina Induced Fun): We Should Not Be Allowed On The Skyliner Again
10/5 - 10/10/19 (The Longest Week Of Work Ever): Late Night Lightsaber Building, Cups Of Moscato, Bed Bugs And Other Coping Mechanisms
10/11/19 (HHN Night #7 & Unmasking The Horror Tour): I DID WHAT IN MY THREE FAVORITE HHN29 HOUSES?! Part I Part II
I Tried To Photograph Halloween Horror Nights, Emphasis On Tried
10/12/19 (Studios Day With Gabi & Bri): Sussman K3 Disney Reunion!
10/13 - 10/16/19 (Work And My Extension Acceptance): I'm Here For Just A Little Bit Longer
10/17/19 (HHN Night #8): A Grey Scale Mess Of An Evening
10/18 - 10/22/19 (Batuuan Villager Life (aka Work)): Sometimes A Break From The World Is Necessary
10/23/19 (Daytime Universal & HHN Night #9): The LEGENDARY Horror Make-Up Show Sans Make-Up
Time To Unleash The Monsters!
I Drank Hot Butterbeer, That's What Matters
10/24/19 (HHN Night #10): With Some Devil Ears, "We Came, We Saw, We Kicked Its..." You Know What!
10/25 - 10/30/19 (The In-Between Days): Final Countdown To Halloween!
10/31/19 (Halloween At HHN!): The Halloween KWEEN Is Born!
Photoshoots Like The Walking Dead
Alex's One True Fear, Body Glitter And... NO, NOT CHRISTMAS YET

11/1/19 (HHN Night #12): Unleashing The Monsters One Last Time
We're In Agreement That Rob Zombie, Altered States And Nightingales SLAP
With A Rebel Yell, Goodbye To Academy Of Villains (Until Next Year... Hopefully)
11/2/19 (The Penultimate Night - HHN Night #13!): We Had To Throw In One Last Dash Of Pizza Fries
"Go Forth, Pretties! And Don't Disappoint Me"
11/3/19 (First Castle Lighting Followed By Jellyrolls): Ringing In The Season With A Twitter Meet-Up Plus Some
11/4 - 11/8/19 (Post-HHN Work Week): How Does One Go On Without HHN In Their Life Until The Next Year?
11/9/19 (Park Day/Reunion With Alex!): Just Sprucing Up Those Instagram Feeds With Pixie Dust
It Ended With A Margarita And A Lonely Tipsy Timmy
11/10 - 11/12/19 (Pre-MVMCP Work Days): A Wine Night A Week... There IS A Saying Here, I'm Sure
11/13/19 (Day Of Night Of Stars): A Christmas Tree Trail And Studios Decor Stan Since 2016
Whoever Hired This Tired Dynasty Knock-Off Deserves To Be Fired
11/14/19 (Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!): 'Twas A Very Merry Party Pre-Game
Snowball Fights, Cookies, Princes, And Texting! Yup, It Feels Like Christmas
The One Where I Get Slapped In The Face By A Reindeer And Assaulted By Peppermint Cookies Part I Part II
11/15 - 11/16/19 (Scrap Metal Days): Falling Down A Nostalgia Rabbit Hole
11/17/19 (Fall Dapper Day 2019): A Dapper DAK Menagerie With A Dash Of Practically Perfect Photoshoots Later
Seasons Greetings From Jellyrolls And Arendelle
11/18 - 11/19/19 (Special Birthday Work Days): Happy Birthday Mickey, Minnie And Ariel!
11/20/19 (SWGE CPs Magic Kingdom Scavenger Hunt): Why Is Everything Closed? What Is Elvis?
11/21 - 11/22/19 (Work, Frozen And Reunion With Kaitlyn G): Show Yourself And Frozen 2 Are Superior
11/23/19 (Last Day Of Food & Wine With Kaitlyn): With An Ever Present Bruni Photobomb
11/24 - 11/30/19 (Frozen 2 Round 2, Thanksgiving, etc.): The Classic DCP Thanksgiving Tradition Returns

12/1/19 (Last Day As A Guest At DHS For 2019): Before I Get Blocked Out AGAIN...
SHHHH, Mulan Is Telling Us The Story Of Christmas
12/2 - 12/5/19 (Rise of the Resistance Grand Opening And CP Formal!): I Didn't Need To Win A Game Of Sabacc For Betting How This Week Turned Out
12/6 - 12/10/19 (Post-Work Libations & Knives Out!): Rian Johnson Is A GOD Amongst Us Humans
12/11/19 (DCP Service Celebration & SWGE Cast Meet-Up!): I GOT TO MEET CHRISTMAS DUFFY!!!
The One In Which We Did The NBA Experience And LIKED IT?
12/12 -12/19/19 (Ale House, Disney Springs, etc.): We'll Call This Star Wars Re-Watch... Self-Care
12/20/19 (Return To Universal & The Rise of Skywalker Premiere): I Went To Universal In Order To See... Rise Of Skywalker?
12/21/19 (That One Day Of Work): Harry Potter Was On Batuu!
12/22/19 (Pre-Christmas Universal Day): King Kong Says Merry Grinchmas To Me!
12/23 - 12/24/19 (The Christmas Eves): Princes Like To Hang Out With Me At Breakfast Too
12/25 - 12/28/19 (Peak Season Christmas Week): Why Do Travelers Keep On Bringing Up This 'Christmas'?
12/29/19 (Last Universal Visit of 2019 & Jellyrolls): The Single Greatest Horror Make-Up Show EVER Plus Some
All The Way To The Green Planet And That End Of Program Sadness
12/30 - 12/31/19 (Ringing in 2020!): The Curse Of Spending New Year's Eve With Timmy

1/1 - 1/5/2020 (The Last Full Week Of DCP Fall 2019): I Became A Kyber Crystal Father
1/6/2020 (Spring Moving Day!): WE'RE NEIGHBORS NOW?!
1/7/2020 (Back To Universal Again!): Starting That Theme Park Life Again In 2020!
1/8 - 1/9/2020 & Beyond (Working & Personal Life): AND Dot Dot Dot

A Little Peek At My Spring Program Part I Part II Part III
I Might Be Skinny But I Promise I Eat... Some Really Weird Food
I Guess It's Time To Say Goodbye To All Our DIS Company...

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Sep 14, 2010
Cast of Characters

*This will be a routinely updated list to help keep track of who will be appearing in this TR fairly regularly. I will try my best to include everyone and have pics with everyone, but no guarantees*

My Dad

He'll only be around for about two days helping me move in but I thought I would introduce him. The member of my family who doesn't like Disney bringing me down for my DCP, who would've thought? Honestly though, I think he does enjoy it. He just misses Pleasure Island a lot which I'm sure most can relate to.


One of my roommates in the Fall group. He worked in Entertainment primarily at Magic Kingdom. He also was initially the only person in the apartment under 21 until his birthday at Epcot. He's a huge fan of the new MiSi.


Another one of my roommates in the Fall group. They also worked in Entertainment primarily at Magic Kingdom. They mostly ran into me while I was out with other people. Highly social person and a fantastic dancer, was really trying to get the apartment into shape. They currently still work for Disney as seasonal Entertainment.


One of my first friends on the program. She was a Seater over at SciFi Dine-In. We bonded very quickly over both of us being competitive swimmers at one point and we stayed good friends through both our extensions.


One of my first friends on the program and one of Sonnet's roommates. She worked in Quick Service Food & Beverage at Pinocchio's Village House. She left before the Spring extension.


One of my first work friends after we met during Merchandise Core and stayed in training with each other on Sunset. She also made the jump with me over to Galaxy's Edge and was one of the few people left over there that I worked with post Spring extension.


My training buddy over on Sunset and eventually one of my good friends. I unfortunately left her behind on Sunset when I got pulled for Galaxy's Edge, but we still remained in touch. She has since left the Company and works for a connecting third party.


My work bestie Galaxy's wide! We became friends while working on Sunset and then eventually became the only two CPs from Sunset to work in Savi's workshop. We remained pretty good friends through it all and are hoping to still remain with the company.


AKA @AMusicLifeForMe who I hung out with on many occasions inside the parks. We first hung out when he was still a regular guest, but now he's a FT cast member who was part of the Opening Team for the Skyliner. We bonded a lot over our love of musical theater and the parks in general.


One of the ICPs I worked with on Sunset. An absolute sweetheart who shared my love of Duffy and friends. She did leave fairly early on but made quite the impact. She is from Thailand.


Another ICP I worked with on Sunset. We just enjoyed each other's energy and I vowed to go see her in Thailand and at the Asian parks too.


A friend I made through the Facebook pages and who eventually worked with me when both were sent over to Galaxy's Edge. He has a strong affinity for Big Al if you couldn't tell as well as the Magic Kingdom holiday parties. He currently is seasonal in Galaxy's Edge.

Erin A
One of my coordinators in Galaxy's Edge that I immediately hit it off. There was a lot of ABBA belting. Nuff said.


My other gay half on Sunset. We didn't work together too much but became good friends that bonded over our love of singing, Disney and having horrible posture. He now works Full Time in Animation Courtyard merchandise.


A mutual friend of Sonnet and Claire's who I ran into often as he worked at Oga's, who shares a breakroom with me and we did hang out once or twice. He stuck around for the Spring extension.

Alexis P

A friend of Eric's who I hit it off with as a CP alum as well as a horror movie buff. She originally worked Quick Service at Port Orleans Riverside but during her Spring Extension she worked Park Arrival merchandise at Epcot.

Ginger Alex

A friend on Sunset and in Galaxy's Edge. We spent a lot of time at certain Halloween events and hanging out at Universal going nuts over Harry Potter and ET. She left at the end of the Fall program. She's also a two-time CP.


A former DISer friend of mine who has worked FT at Disney for the past few years and who I spent ample time with. We both love Star Wars and share so much interests within Disney.

Cassidy M

My Disneyland sister that worked with me on Sunset. She was a Spring CP and left fairly early on but our friendship ran fairly deep for the short time we knew each other.

Cassidy T

One of my first friends on this program who worked at Cosmic's Ray. She left at the end of the Fall program.


One of my first friends on this program who worked at Slinky Dog Dash. She left at the end of the Fall program.


A good friend I made over at Galaxy's Edge who worked with me in Savi's Workshop early on. We are both huge musical theater buffs and astrology lovers and that played into a lot of what we talked about and did while hanging out. She extended into Spring with me.


One of my buddies in Savi's workshop who enjoyed many nights with me at Wendy's and at HHN. She left at the end of the Fall program.


Another Sunset co-worker that followed me over to Galaxy's Edge. We spent some fun days in the parks together. She left at the end of the Fall program.

Morgan S

Another Sunset co-worker that followed me over to Galaxy's Edge. We spent some fun days in the parks together.

Emily C

One of my friends from my first program, a former roommate of my friend Kaitlyn's. She worked at Contempo Cafe on her first program and for this program, she was a seater over at Tony's Town Square. She extended into Spring.


A neighbor of mine in Vista Way who I met preemptively through the Facebook page. He worked as a driver of the Disney Springs Sassagoula boats. He extended with me.

Cassidy K

A co-worker of mine in Galaxy's Edge at Savi's Workshop who spent a lot of time with me at Universal and the parks. She extended into Spring with me but ended that extension early and now works at Ollivander's at Universal.


A co-worker of mine in Galaxy's Edge who lived near me in Vista Way. She eventually moved out and is still living in Florida. She extended into Spring with me.

Kaitlyn G

A friend of mine from my Disneyland program who shared a deep love of Disney history. She came down for her professional internship with WDI.

Alex S

One of my friends from the DIS and Instagram who came to visit for a day during my program and I got her into Magic Kingdom. She's also a CP alum with two prior programs under her belt.


A friend and former housemate of mine from Skidmore. She came to visit Disney with a friend of hers for the first time. I got to be there for her day at Hollywood Studios.


Gabi's friend and another CP alum, who actually did her program the same time as mine.. She was the one who made Gabi's first trip possible. She worked in Disney Springs West End on her program.


Another friend of mine from Skidmore who came to visit with their family. We spent the day at Animal Kingdom together.

Kaitlyn D

AKA @Newsies who did come for her Spring program as a Character Attendant later on but visited her roommate Emily and myself during our Fall program. Prior to her Spring program, she worked her first program in Attractions at Peter Pan's Flight and It's A Small World.

Other Featured Individuals: Sam - coworker on Sunset; Lauren - coworker on Sunset; Eric - coworker on Sunset; Alexis A - coworker on Sunset; Stefani - coworker on Sunset; Joseph/Esco - former DCP roommate from 2016; Zach - first in-room roommate of this program; Carson - former DCP roommate from 2016; Kat - good friend of the apartment; Dayzee - coworker in Galaxy's Edge; Emily T - coworker in Galaxy's Edge; Becky Z - coworker in Galaxy's Edge; Klay - roommate for Spring program; Matthew, Kyle, Chris and Danny - Adam's roommates; Emily, Abby, Maddie B and SJ - friends of Adam
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  • PlutosRHM55

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    Sep 14, 2010

    Feeling V. EXCITED to follow along on this East-Coast Epic of yours!!!!!! An introduction for the GODS. Can't wait to see what the next 8 months and beyond have in store for you!

    Your new reigning queen has ARRIVED.

    So glad to see my most loyal subject has been prompt as usual *light clap*

    Thank you for all the well-deserved praise towards me. I look forward to your future comments and maybe a guest spot on this here report idk MUCH LOVE MY SISTER!


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    Sep 14, 2010
    Hi Timmy! I am sooo happy you started this and I can't wait to follow along!!!! How cool to be working retail in HS!!!!!! I just booked lunch at Hollywood and Vine on Sept. 22nd...
    Hi Jenny! :welcome: Happy to have you here! I'm so excited for my location, it's gonna be the place to be in a month or two lol And how exciting, probably will see you around sometime soon then haha

  • AMusicLifeForMe

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    Apr 6, 2016
    Following along! I was just on Sunset Blvd. last night and might have thought of you. Safe travels down to the "hot, hot, hot!" I look forward to meeting you sometime in the near future, because I will definitely be looking for you.
  • PlutosRHM55

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    Sep 14, 2010
    You got so lucky!!!!
    I really did!

    A quick DIS meet with my second fav CM...HEE! HEE!
    Haha, I feel honored.

    Following along! I was just on Sunset Blvd. last night and might have thought of you. Safe travels down to the "hot, hot, hot!" I look forward to meeting you sometime in the near future, because I will definitely be looking for you.
    Yay! :welcome: Haha, you're so kind. Looking forward to running into you as well!

    Wow that was #introgoals right there! Super excited for you and this next part of your DCP journey!
    Omg thank you! :welcome: I'm so excited too! To experience it and share the magic of the experience with y'all.


    Following along! Sounds like exciting times ahead!
    Hello! :welcome: Yes, lots of excitement!


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    Sep 14, 2010
    Currently mid-flight about an hour and a half away from touch down at MCO! Spent $8 to make this one post lol (jk... partially)
    Following along! :wave2:
    Hello! :welcome: Glad to have you along!

    Hmmm...I think I'll follow this TR
    Indeed you should :teeth: :welcome:

    Hi Timmy, joining in and looking forward to reading all about your trip and college programme!

    Tanz x
    Hello! :welcome: I feel like it's been awhile since I last saw you around lol
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