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  1. J

    Underage Drinking And The College Program

    Hi Everyone! I am so excited to be applying next year for the DCP fall 2021! I have been waiting to do this since I was a freshman in high school. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of drinking under the age of 21, and I got caught by the police. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar...
  2. T

    Questions in regards to the DCP

    I already posted this on Reddit but I figured I'd post it on here as well to get as many opinions as possible Hello, So I mostly made this account just so I could ask questions about the DCP. I am currently a sophomore in college and next year for my junior year, it is required that I do an...
  3. M

    How long after your phone interview were you accepted to the DCP?

    Hello! So I applied for DCP spring advantage 2020 and I just finished my phone interview!! It only lasted about 18 minutes and the recruiter I spoke with was fairly monotone so it was kind of hard to get a read on him. But naturally now i’m super nervous and stressed out about whether it went...
  4. PlutosRHM55

    Third Time's The Charm At The DISNEY COLLEGE PROGRAM Fall '19! (NEW - 10/19!)

    Tell everybody, I'm on my way And I'm loving every step I take With the sun beaming down, yes I'm on my way And there's nowhere that I'd rather be Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome! After a long hiatus from the Disney World side of the boards, I have returned for my biggest...
  5. Newsies

    Summer Alumni 2019

    Hey, all! Just wondering how many Summer Alumni 2019 program applicants are here on the boards? I figured there must be a few, especially since this year, anyone who's ever been part of the program was eligible to apply! Just figured I'd start a thread where we can wait for acceptances and...
  6. B

    What to do if your CP child is being harassed by a Disney Manager?

    I have a daughter that just started in the College program. This has been her dream her whole life. Right away she told me that she has been sexually harassed by one of the managers. She asked some of the other women why he has not been reported. They said that Dan Cockerell really likes...
  7. Q

    Disney College Program Rejection

    I am a sophomore at a private liberal arts college. I am 21, bilingual, have a good GPA, have had good jobs in the past and have service hours for miles. However, I have not made it into the program both times I have applied. I made it to the interview both times and sent an email of rejection...


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