The Team missed the mark regarding the new Theme Park Select Pass


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May 13, 2005
Or at very least, the BIG PICTURE.

The most glaring this about the Pass is the price. At $439 it IS NOT the cheapest pass like the team kept saying today. It is EXACTLY to the penny, the same price as the Silver Pass. If you take the time to look at the block out calendars for each park, you will see that NOBODY would buy this pass for the same price as Silver as long as Silver is around in its current form.

The new pass blocks out EVERY SATURDAY all year at MK

It blocks out EVERY FRIDAY, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY at Epcot during Food and Wine.

Those extra days they are giving in the Summer is for Epcot only.

DHS and AK are pretty much in line with the current Silver calendar except that DHS is blocked out all the major holiday weekends (MLK, President’s, Memorial and Labor Days)

I suspect that this pass is not an alternative. I think that it is being eased on us now, but before Galaxy’s Edge is opened, this will be the new Silver Pass.

It is just like Disneyland’s California residents passes. It is about crowd manipulation, which is the point that I think John was trying to make.

I wrote a whole post on the Theme Park boards about it yesterday. In that thread I have included screen shots of the block outs for each park and some more in depth analysis. When you see this calendar and compare it to the Silver which is the same exact price, you will see that something is up.
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May 13, 2005
I forgot to mention that the best part of this block out calendar is that when the DHS fall 2019 block out calendar is released, we will finally have a better idea of when Galaxy’s Edge will open. The current block out calendar goes to July 2019, so hopefully they will extend the release of calendars month by month.


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