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  1. roxymama

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    Feb 26, 2015
    I like @rteetz answer as a rundisney 5k was what ultimately made me decide to put my feet to pavement and train for a race. And what made me decide to try for the elusive 13.1 miles as well...another rundisney race :)

    But I think ultimately it was the feeling of going to my father-in-law's races to cheer him on and being in jeans and just waiting around while everyone else was out there running and me thinking "I kind of want to do this too."
    I used to go to a lot of races to walk with my mom while my dad and sister ran when I was growing up. So there was very much an "outsider looking in" aspect and I wanted to actually see if I could do what all these other people were doing. A challenge. Trying to convince myself I was capable was hard, so once I let go of the notion of failing...that there was no such thing, I dove in.
    What keeps me running now is that I found out that I really like the feeling of running. As an adult there aren't too many outlets to just move quickly along the street or sidewalks or disney parks without people looking at you funny. I still have a lot of energy and running is a great outlet for it. I like being outside and I like sight seeing as I go. I don't like lifting weights and I don't have a lot of time to play organized sports where people count on me to be there. I just like the feeling of running and having a finish line with fun bling helps me push farther when my body is like "hmmm, that's enough running for now."
    Also its fun to be reminded several times a year that you are capable of more than you thought.
  2. Sanchez

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    Aug 26, 2003
    I was always fast as a child. My first real race was in seventh grade when I entered the local junior olympics where I entered the mile and won. By high school my focus was on football (fall) and wrestling (winter) and in the spring I ran track to stay in shape. I mostly ran 400m hurdles, open 400m and 800m. I went to a military college and running/conditioning was a big part though I don't ever recall running more than 3 miles at a time. I ran some through law school but got married, took the bar, started working and had two boys.

    I started back at 34, running a few miles here and there but mostly working with weights and the like. By 35 I thought it would be a good idea to try some distance events and started running all distances including two marathons. I continued on but at 42 developed DVT in my left leg. I was shut down for the better part of four years - starting back only to have the problem arise again. In March 2016, at age 46, I was cleared and started the long road back. By fall I was running 5 and 10k races and in summer 2017 started training for triathlons. Did my first in October and now ready for my fourth this Sunday. I am a better runner than triathlete (I swim like a wrestler) but enjoy the tri training.

    Running/training is a great escape for me and and fuels my competitive nature. Given my work schedule I don't have much time to join the social running/cycling groups and my wife loathes physical activity of any kind so most of my workouts are solo. My dad passed away at 54 and his dad at 57 (diabetes/heart disease) so I do everything possible to maintain a high level of physical activity.
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  4. DopeyBadger

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    Oct 15, 2015
    The short answer (well short for me...) is like many others, weight loss. I needed to lose some weight per my doctor. So I did that initially through dietary means (healthier eating and mostly calorie restriction). But eventually, I hit a plateau and came to a cross roads. Exercise or more calorie restriction. I went with more calorie restriction because I just didn't really like to exercise all that much. But alas, very quickly my body adapted again and I came to a point where calorie restriction was not going to work anymore. So I decided to lace up some normal daily shoes, wear a cotton t-shirt, and put on the basketball shorts. Running was a cheap endeavor and this was all I needed. Over time, I began to enjoy it solely because it was a measurable competition against myself that could be comparable to others if I wished to do so. I could see myself improving and losing weight. Eventually, I decided to run a race. The short story was someone told me I couldn't run a marathon (in reality, it was meant as shouldn't based on a lack of training) and I justified the race as ONLY $10 more than the HM for the same price. I mean obviously we should go with the most cost effective measure based on miles per dollar... It moved from weight loss, to measurable competition, to trying to set an example for my yet to be conceived/born daughter. Don't let others set your limits. If you want it, PROVE IT, by doing what is necessary to get it! These are the same things that continue to motivate me till today. Weight loss, measurable competition to myself and others, and most importantly to stop allowing others in my life to tell me what I can and can't accomplish.

    Now, if you want the really long answer, then read this instead: 1922 days, 100 pounds, 8511 miles, 180 minutes and it all started with a single step…
  5. Jules76126

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    Apr 3, 2006
    I like this question and reading everyones answers.

    I started running as my then boyfriend and his family were really into running. I thought it would be a great way to have something in common with them and make a good impression. I ended up marrying that guy, so my reasons definitely changed.

    No I run as I like that DH and I have the shared interest. We don't run the same paces, but we can go out together and cheer each other on for both good days and bad. I like how healthy I feel after running and I like seeing the results that I have achieved by sticking with it. I am luckily to be naturally thin, but I wanted to develop the healthy habit of running now. Eventually, we would like to have kids and I have hopes of running throughout my pregnancy to stay healthy and avoid unnecessary weight gain. I also figured it would be easier to maintain the habit once the kids come as hopefully we will be in a routine. Plus I like when people hear that I run, that they are like wow, I could never do that. Yes you can. Anyone can if you put your mind to it.
  6. LdyStormy76

    LdyStormy76 Looking for the Hundred Acre Woods

    Dec 20, 2017
    It all started with knowing I had a 2 week walking intensive (5-10 miles a day) trip in Spain in October 2017 and knowing from a similar trip in 2016 that if I was not physically ready I would struggle. So in January 2017 I started walking, at 3 miles 2 mph, and quickly realized I had to improve my time or I would be on the treadmill for half a day as I added distance to reach 10 miles. Then in February I saw that friends were going to run Dopey so thought, ‘Well, what is 3 more miles to train for to do a half marathon?’ Then I saw the time restriction and knew I had to start picking up the pace.

    Why do I keep at it? I need to, but motivating on that is hard. If I have something to work towards I will keep getting on the treadmill (hence coming back from a 4 week trip and picking up training 8 weeks before the 2018 WDW Marathon weekend).

    Do I think of myself as a runner? No. I think of myself as a fast walker. Yet it does not matter as the end goal we have is the same: keep ourselves moving and complete the next goal.
  7. JulieODC

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    Aug 6, 2009
    I first started running in 5th grade cross-country club. No idea what prompted me to join - but I ran from then through high school - cross-country, indoor track, and spring track.

    After high school I stopped running. Briefly
    Picked it up when DD1 was 2.5y, and then most recently again about 2 y ago after DD2 was a year old.

    I wanted to lose the baby weight and get physical activity into my life - and to get some “me time.” Tangentially, it was registering for the PHM that really got me on track and in a routine. 2 years later - I’m going strong!
  8. jennamfeo

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    Aug 25, 2017
    It's been really amazing reading all your stories, friends!

    ATTQOTD: Running was never my preferred sport. I was a swimmer for most of my life and I still love swimming. When I joined the Navy I spent many days running during boot camp. We had Physical Readiness Test twice a year that included running. I think I only ran a few of them until I realized that swim instead. Which obviously made more sense for the Navy, because y'all can run faster than me to the edge of the ship, but I can out swim you in the water. So I would run here and there while at the gym and stuff. But never liked it. Then my brother in law invited us to do a Color Run with them and that sounded fun! I had just had a baby about 8 months prior to that, so I figured I should start doing something to lose the baby weight. After the race, I wanted to die. Everything hurt. It sucked. But I kept lacing up my shoes and getting out there. Then I decided to do a Triathlon, to incorporate swimming again in my routine. While I was training for those, a photography client mentioned to me the runDisney races, so I looked them up after our session was done. OMG you can run through Disneyland?!?! Sign. Me. Up. I have been doing runDisney races ever since 2014, but my training for most of those was bare minimum or not at all. I don't think I actually started to ~like~ running until last fall during my first @DopeyBadger training plan. I love the competition with myself. I love the early mornings to myself. I love seeing what my body can do. I've had a few couple rough years. I was in a bad place. I was drinking a lot. I was depressed. And somehow I got out of that and found myself here. Running is my therapy. It's my me-time place that helps me with my anxiety and depression. So that's why I am here, running. Plus I love pizza, booze, and bling.
  9. run.minnie.miles

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    Jul 6, 2016
    Ha! I feel like this would be the perfect journal title!

    I started running in college because my best friend wanted to try "couch to 5k" and asked if I'd train with her. I had a great year of running shorter distances, even placing in my age group during a (very small) 5K after a summer of running several miles everyday before my internship. I stress fractured my foot and had to take a few months off and really lost my groove. I got further into college, finding less time to run and more . I continued to run on and off, never training for a race. A few years later, I got married and put on a few "happy pounds" and started running to lose a little weight. Sickness hit, gallbladder removed, and then felt really yucky for a long time after that. I started running again in early 2016 with the goal of running the Princess Half in 2017. My stomach was a disaster after that surgery and I think running, the thing that's supposed to jostle your stomach, made all the difference for me and really helped get my healthy again.
    And here I am today. Running for enjoyment and my health :)
  10. SheHulk

    SheHulk Smashing runDisney events

    Oct 5, 2016
    I started running for sports and to control my weight in high school. In college and grad school I ran to burn off stress and gossip with my friends. Now at almost 47 I run to manage stress and cling to having a body that is able to run as long as possible.
  11. sylkai

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    May 4, 2018
    I love seeing how we all started this crazy journey.

    I used to swear up and down that I would never be a runner. I was one of those people who would only run if something was chasing me. But I had started exercising to lose weight, and walking 5 miles 3 days a week was taking more time than I wanted. Then we happened to be at Disney Springs the morning after the first Dark Side Half Marathon and as a life-long Star Wars fan, I couldn't help but drool over the medals.

    So I looked for shoes that would work for me, ordered a pair, and started adding some running into my walks. I probably violated every recommendation they make about how to start running, but pretty soon I was running those 5 miles a day instead of walking them, three times a week. After two weeks of this, I discovered that the Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon was open for registration and still had space. That was even better because a) I've always liked the Jedi better anyway and b) flights to LA are a whole lot cheaper than Orlando from where I'm at. I signed up. Then I managed to change it to getting a registration for the Rebel Challenge through a travel agent. Better to go big and get more bling!

    That was 9 half marathons ago now. Closing in on two years of running. I now run 6-7 days a week because I need to. I get cranky on days I don't run when I've planned on one. I still love the Disney races, when I can manage them - I just did the Dark Side Half and got my Kessel Run medal for combining it with the virtual. (I couldn't swing getting out for the Dark Side Half last year.) I'm a big fan of cool bling, and the Disney runs do an excellent job of those. Running helps me keep off the 75 pounds I've lost so far. I love seeing where I can improve. There are days where the runs are a slog and I'm tired and I want to just be lazy - but then there are the days where everything clicks and it's like I'm flying and could go on forever.

    So many reasons to continue. I still run for exercise, but it's so much more now. I can't wait for Dopey and my first full marathon.
  12. Miranda

    Miranda DIS Veteran

    Feb 24, 2001
    ATTQOTD: I started running in high school my sophomore year. I was a really good athlete in elementary and junior high, but I only played basketball and softball. When I got to high school, the athletic director basically told me I had to play a fall sport since I was a star athlete. He put me on the volleyball team like midway into the season my freshman year. I liked volleyball ok enough, but when August rolled around before my sophomore year and fall sports practices were starting, I just randomly decided I was going to do cross country, because I didn't want to play volleyball just because the AD told me I had to. I am 6'0" tall, so that's basically why he told me to play volleyball and not soccer or XC to begin with. Tall people play volleyball I guess, that's just what they do. :) I am not great about being told what I "have" to do, so that's why I ended up on XC. It was something that no one expected me to participate in and I figured it could help me get in shape for basketball.

    I went to college, played some D1 basketball, stopped running really, left the bball team, gained weight, graduated, gained more weight, tried halfheartedly to do C25K on multiple occasions over the years, gained more weight, finally eventually started doing the weight loss thing, and then a group of friends who had never met IRL from a weight loss message board that I was on all decided to do Tinker Bell HM together in 2015. So, once I signed up for a HM, then I really had to get back into the whole running thing again, no more farting around with starting and quitting C25K!
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  13. OldSlowGoofyGuy

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    Jan 4, 2013
    ATTQOTD: Initially, just one thing: I wanted a Peachtree Road Race shirt. I moved to Atlanta after college and would see people wearing a PRR shirt on the 4th, and was jealous. After about 4 years, I realized it was not unobtainable, just sign up and run. And that's what I did. Assuming we finish this year, my brother and I have done 32 PRRs in a row. And yes, I still have all 31 shirts.

    Initially, I'd start running a month or two before Peachtree. It was so tough to get back in shape, about 20 years ago I realized it would just be easier to run year round. Then I ran a 5K or two and discovered races were fun.

    One thing led to another and 5Ks became halfs, became 4 Goofys, became 12 marathons. Some where along the line I started to get age group awards in local races.

    As lots of folks have mentioned, weight loss played into it.

    That's my long-winded answer on how I got started. My short answer on why I keep going:
  14. Bree

    Bree Runs on Coffee

    Jan 5, 2009
    QOTD: I ran cross country all through junior high and high school. I loved it, but then college, work, family and illness happened. I ran off and on over the years. Being a Disney addict I knew about the races and would dream of being fit enough again to run one. In 2014 a friend convinced me to run a 5K and then we found out we were moving to FL so I signed up for the 2015 Princess 10K.

    I had learned to use exercise as a way to cope with anxiety, depression, an autistic child and a DH who is now almost 9 years sober. Running brought that “me time” to a whole new level. I was outside and ALONE. Nobody grunting or sweating next to me like at the gym. I only had me, myself and I to worry about and could truly unplug from all responsibilities. I still use running as therapy, but I also like that I’m getting stronger and faster. I don’t want to be like my mom and struggle with walking and stairs at the age of 61. I also like pizza and ice cream and running on the weekends let’s me indulge in that every now and then.
  15. ZellyB

    ZellyB DIS Veteran

    Sep 18, 2010
    My husband really wanted me to run with him. I went to a race to cheer him on along with my SIL and BIL. Watching them cross the finish line together got me thinking about how nice it would be to run with my husband. But, I really hated the idea of running for long distances/periods of time. A few weeks later I saw an ad about Jeff Galloway and the Run/Walk/Run method and thought, "Well, I could run for a short time as long as I knew I would get to walk soon." :D So, I emailed my husband to see if he'd be willing to run a race with me that way and he replied, "Absolutely!" And the rest is history. That was 6 years ago and we are still going strong.
  16. Slogger

    Slogger DIS Veteran

    Jan 5, 2015
    ATTQOTD-why do I run? Great answers from everybody so far.

    My wife started running a few years before I did. She wanted me to run with her. I declined.
    My 7th grade daughter was "conditioning" for lacrosse. She wanted me to run with her too.

    They both pointed out that I was in my 40s, had high cholesterol, and didn't exercise. Then they pointed out that my father had passed away in his late 40s due to heart attack and poor health. They said it was fun. They said I would love it. They said I would get healthier.

    So I decided to give it a try back in 2011.

    First time I could only go about 1/4 mile before stopping.
    Eventually made it around our neighborhood and beyond.
    Then a 5k.
    Then a 5 miler.
    Then a half marathon.
    Full Marathon.

    I've made every mistake you can make....see if any of these sound familiar:

    Wearing shoes that were the wrong size and getting blisters and foot pain
    Not Eating properly
    Not Hydrating properly
    Not training enough
    Training too much
    Running every run as fast as I could
    Tapering for 3 weeks which I thought meant no running at all!
    Ignoring tangents on race day and convincing myself my gps or the course setup was wrong
    Running when I was injured
    Running when I was sick

    I learned a lot but I still make a lot of mistakes. But I keep running.
    Because now I run to maintain my health for me and my family and I have a healthy respect for what happens to your body when you don't keep at it.
    It's hard to get back in shape!!!
  17. BikeFan

    BikeFan DIS Veteran

    May 12, 2003
    ATTQOTD: Like many others, I started running to get back to a healthy weight. Weight was always something I struggled with since childhood, and after our kids entered our lives, I found myself at an unhealthy place again. About 6 years ago, I finally decided to do something about it. Thanks to running, I was able to get down to a healthy weight and maintain that weight for nearly 5 years so far.

    I also love the unexpected success I've found with running. I played various sports growing up, but was never very good at any of them. When I started running, I did races just to finish them, and never thought my times would be remotely competitive. Even after my first marathon, at just under 4 hours, I never thought I'd get anywhere close to a Boston qualifier time (BQ, which was 3:25 for me at the time). A few months later though, I had a huge PR in a 5K and figured that with some more serious training I might actually have a shot at a BQ. I spent the next 8 months upping my mileage and at the exact same marathon I'd run my first full a year ago, I ran a 3:19 and qualified for Boston. It was an absolutely amazing feeling heading for the finish line knowing I'd actually run a BQ, something a year ago I would not have believed was even possible for me. I didn't get to run Boston that first time due to a work commitment, but I've qualified three more times and run it twice since. I've also finished 20+ fulls and three ultras, including a 50 miler. More importantly, many of my family members have jumped on the running bandwagon, and I've enjoyed being part of their journeys toward a more healthy lifestyle. I've done a bunch of the Disney events with my kids and our extended family, and seeing them do the "impossible" is an amazing experience.

    I've also met some amazing people running. Some have been running celebrities like Katherine Switzer, Joan Benoit, and Bart Yasso, and some have just been "normal" runners like so many from this board, who are out there doing some really impressive things. It's truly been inspiring reading about everyone's PRs and other accomplishments. Running has been a hugely positive experience for me in a bunch of different ways, and I'm grateful for that.

    And ice cream. Don't forget the ice cream!
  18. Baloo in MI

    Baloo in MI DIS Veteran

    Jan 28, 2015
    ATTQOTD: First, I absolutely love today’s question and all your responses! I feel so inspired!

    I started running in age group races in elementary school through a local track club. I then ran CC & Track through college. Sadly from there I sat on my laurels for a long time, and my laurels expanded a bit much over the next 10 years. I then ran to get ready for ranger school (parks, not military). I again let all the fitness go, put on 60 pounds and became pretty unhappy with myself.

    Then I just decided to get in shape, making millions of mistakes along the way. But I have reconnected with the runner in me. I am learning as I go, pushing myself and feeling that wonderful sense of adventure and accomplishment that comes from new challenges.

    I am now one week away from my boot coming off and have to start from scratch. In January I ran Dopey and set my sights on my first 100. Right now I will start with 3 mile runs and a week one goal of 10-12 miles. But at least I will be running!
  19. SarahDisney

    SarahDisney So ... Yeah

    Jul 23, 2014
    I love everyone's answers to today's QOTD! There are a lot of common themes, but we all have our own journeys, and I love seeing that!

    What brought me to running was a desire to lose weight. What kept me running in those early days was runDisney.

    Now ... why I run is something I struggle with. I dont always know the reasons, and sometimes I feel like I should stop. But at the end of the day, I think the answer is fairly simple ... I run because I am a runner. It's not just something I do ... its a part of who I am.
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  20. Waiting2goback

    Waiting2goback DIS Veteran

    Jan 28, 2014
    I NEVER would have thought you were 47. Way to go girl!

    As long as you enjoy running isn’t that the only reason that matter?

    I have shared this story many times over the three years of this thread so sorry if I bore anyone.

    I started running because when my wife told me she wanted a divorce I was scared. I had given up everything I loved to try and make her happy the last five years of our marriage. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I was a stay-at-Home dad. I was fat and unhealthy. My time was all about the kids. I turned to my love, Disney. I joined this site and then thought, I need to get out of my comfort zone. I had always hated running but knew Disney did races. Ahhhhh, this is how I will get out of my comfort zone. I will run if it means a trip to Disney.

    I signed up for 2014 TOT, had no idea what I was doing. With the help of @PrincessV and @FFigawi they answered a million of my stupid questions and I was on my way.

    As I got in shape and felt better I realized I loved it. The time to myself was great. I was setting an example for my kids. There were so many benefits. I have tried to pay it forward as much as I can!

    I keep running for the same reasons. I know I am capable of more. I want to lose more weight. I want to just keep experiencing life.
  21. SarahDisney

    SarahDisney So ... Yeah

    Jul 23, 2014
    Fair point, but... what happens when you're no longer sure that you enjoy running? That's somewhat where my head is at right now, and its why being a runner is what keeps me running.
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