The Poly Concierge staff is WONDERFUL!!!


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May 6, 2001
I called them a little bit ago to firm up our plans for our stay Aug 22-25. They were able to book the Luau, the Neverland Club for the kids and as a special surprise from me they are going to make sure there are two stuffed Stitch animals in the room when we check in for my kids!!! I was almost sure they were going to say no when I asked them if that could be done but they said SURE. The kids are going to go crazy!!! LOL. Dh and I will also because we get four hours all to ourselves!!! I think we have had one evening like that since the kids were born and my eldest is 8.5! We plan to spend some time strolling around the resort, then go to the lounge for cordials, and then on to the Luau!

I cant wait!! We will be at CBR from 8-18 to 8-22 and then at the Poly Concierge....a 40th birthday present from dh.... from 8-22 to 8-25. Are we there yet??????
10 Trips in the last year!!? Have you filled out your punch card for a free trip yet? A couple Stitch dolls is the least they could do.

If you keep showing up this often, they're going to put you to work!;)
I made 3 trips already this year and have 4 more booked...can I have a Stitch too?

Im so glad there is another person as adicted as I am ROFL!
Lvs_eeyore, it sounds like your vacation is off to a wonderful start! Plus, you mentioned the LUAU!!! I LOVE the Luau -- click here to view some photos. I'll be at the Luau during my upcoming trip. And this time my husband will NOT be with me (he'll be back at home). I can finally drool over the male dancers' legs and not have to hear my husband tell me "Put your eyes back in their sockets. Those men's legs are NOT that good-looking..." ;)
Nice luau pics! We were at the luau a couple of weeks ago and had so much fun. We had considered not doing it becuase it seems to have such a bad reputation and then we added it because we were staying at the Polynesian and just thought it would complete the experience. Anyway, I am SO glad we did! I thought the food was really good too. We got to dance on stage since it was our honeymoon and a couple got engaged on stage the night we were there too. It was a wonderful way to celebrate our 1 week anniversary and we will remember it forever.


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