The Perfect Ending to Graduation Week (May 31st, 2010-June 7th 2010)

Discussion in 'Pre-Trip Reports and Plans' started by yellowlabforever, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. yellowlabforever

    yellowlabforever <font color=purple>It takes a great deal of braver

    Dec 21, 2009
    :welcome: to my pre-trip report!

    Our Previous trips
    May '99 (Yacht Club)
    Nov '05 (CBR/BW)
    April '07 (BCV)
    December '08 (Poly)

    Aaaannnnddd our newest one that we're in the midst of planning:
    May '10 (BLT!)

    Cast of Characters:

    Me! 18 year old lover of Disney World. Future CP-er. Celebrating my graduation from high school! :woohoo::woohoo:

    DM: 51 (at time of travel (tot)) ER Doctor. Likes Disney World, but doesn't have an obsession like I do :rolleyes1:

    DD: 50 (tot) Retired Police Dectective. Didn't come on the '08 trip with us. Agreed to go along with us this trip :goodvibes

    DSis: 15. ski-racer. Loves Disney World almost as much as I do Almost

    But wait, there's more!

    Extended family!
    DN: Grandmother. Loves Disney as much as I do. She still has the charm bracelet on that she got at WDW in '08 and the only puzzle she couldn't finish was one bought at Disney World!

    DA1: DM's sister. Not planning to stay the whole trip with us because of work :sad1::sad1:

    DU: DM's brother. First timer, but always wanted to go.
    DA2: DU's wife. First timer as well.
    DC1: 21 years old. Second time, first time was our 99 trip (which I can barely remember as I was in first grade at the time)
    DC2: 16 years old. First timer!
    DC3: 11 years old. Wants to do all things Disney (we are going on a character-autograph hunt, I got her an autograph book for Christmas :) )
    DCOC: (Cousin of Cousins) 16. Related to DA2. First timer and could be along for the ride.

    So as you can see, we have 12 people. Which means we have a Grand gathering party:

    So far done:

    Room Reservations
    Ticket Reservations

    Things to do:
    Plane tickets
    dining plans
    general plans

    We have reserved rooms in Bay Lake Tower 3 bedroom grand villa (with a magic kingdom view!) It is going to be totally awesome time. I am so excited. We are considering going to a two bedroom villa and a one bedroom villa either at BLT or BCV as well, but we do have our reservations.

    Background of the trip: So I'm finally graduating this May!!! :cheer2::woohoo::cheer2: And this is pretty much an escape from school. We have always wanted to bring our cousins along, so this was the perfect opportunity. We are going to spend a week there, and we just have made reservations. Its definately a go! I'm totally stoked, so keep watching here for general plans/excitement :)
  2. bellebookworm9

    bellebookworm9 Future Au.D.

    May 25, 2009
    Sounds like it's going to be a great trip! Lucky that you get to stay at BLT. I wanted to go to WDW for my graduation, but a year later is better than nothing, right? At least now I can celebrate finishing my first year of college! Looking forward to reading more!
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  4. hkrox

    hkrox <font color=salmon><marquee>If you keep on believi

    Aug 1, 2008
    Sounds like you're gonna have a great trip. It will be so much fun going with all your cousins. I would love to be able to hang out with my cousins at WDW.
  5. yellowlabforever

    yellowlabforever <font color=purple>It takes a great deal of braver

    Dec 21, 2009
    :) That is a definate reason to celebrate. It looks like you'll leave just a couple days before I arrive

    Yes, it is going to be very fun. Although the middle and youngest cousins at first didn't know about the difference between the Magic Kingdom and Disneyworld. But they know what Disneyland is at least. I'll have to educate them before our arrival. We got them a birnbaum's book for Christmas, so maybe that will pre-educate them. Either way, they are excited :) DC1 went with us on our first family trip, and she was 10. We thought she was so old XDDDD she went on all the 'scary' rides. She knows the difference (or at least I think she does)
  6. yellowlabforever

    yellowlabforever <font color=purple>It takes a great deal of braver

    Dec 21, 2009
    General Plans

    Date of Graduation: May 30th 2010.

    I'll wake up, be getting ready for the party, and have my graduation party. Then graduation happens in the afternoon. Extended family will attend my graduation, and they will get all ready that night most likely. I'll be enjoying the various post-graduation-festivities that the school sets up.
    Schedual of Graduation day
    -Wake up
    -last minute preparations for party
    -graduation ceremony
    -post-graduation community party at local golf course
    -general school population dance
    -Senior all-night party organized by the school
    -Senior breakfast

    Right after the Senior breakfast, the rest of the family and I will be heading out to the airport (which is 60 minutes away). Then we will be flying into Minneapolis/St.Paul airport, then MCO! The flight we're looking at arrives at 5:23, a perfect time in my opinion. Enough time to hang out before the fireworks (which of course we will watch from our lovely room).

    I'm having difficulties over deciding what park to go to the next day. I'm thinking either DHS or AK. This will be DC2, DU, DA1 and 2, and DC3's first impression of WDW, so I want to make it a good impression upon them. DCOC went to WDW once, but it was one of those sporadic trips that wasn't planned out well. They went between Christmas and New Years, and hated it. Of course they hated it. That's the busiest time of the year.
  7. MickeyisBeast

    MickeyisBeast <font color=green>Some people just don't understan

    Apr 25, 2009
    Hi :-)
    Just found your PTR
    Your plans sound great!
  8. yellowlabforever

    yellowlabforever <font color=purple>It takes a great deal of braver

    Dec 21, 2009
    Thanks :) I love planning XDDD So much fun. But I only like planning WDW/DLR trips for some reason.
  9. yellowlabforever

    yellowlabforever <font color=purple>It takes a great deal of braver

    Dec 21, 2009
    DLR too????

    So this might also be the PTR/eventual TR for a possible trip I could be taking to Anaheim in May. I won't find out until mid March if I am going though. It is for a student organization called Business Professionals of America, and I'd be going for competition. But the convention is being held in the place where D23 convention was.

    So the DLR trip is totally up in the air. I haven't been there since I was 8, and I'm 18 now so that's about 10 years ago. It was before DCA was built, so I have a lot to see :)

    So continue watching for updates for that possible trip as well. I hope I get to go. It'd be so much fun!

    With a group as large as our group, finding a place that is relatively alright price-range to eat is rather difficult. We were planning on going to 'Ohana's but we didn't like the set price of 30.00. We would rather have a restraunt with varied choices (less money)

    So this is a list of potential ADRs that we might make

    50's PTC
    Brown Derby with Fantasmic dinner (we did this before, it was fun :) )
    Whispering Canyon Cafe
    The Mexico Pavillion Restraunt

    The list may increase as we get closer to the trip.
  10. disneylovin24

    disneylovin24 ~Let It Go~

    Jan 9, 2010
  11. cmp1111

    cmp1111 DIS Veteran

    Dec 17, 2006
    Great start! What a great way to celebrate. 20 years ago (GULP! :scared1: :rotfl2:) my DA flew me to her house in SoCal and I did get to DLR for a graduation present - but it's not quite the same! :rotfl:
  12. AliceinHalloweentown

    AliceinHalloweentown <font color=blue>Leader of the WDI Cult<br><font c

    Sep 6, 2008
    Hey! Just found your report :D

    This is exactly when I want to go, but next year, for my HS graduation! I'll be going solo, though.

    I will definitely be following this :)
  13. yellowlabforever

    yellowlabforever <font color=purple>It takes a great deal of braver

    Dec 21, 2009
    Four More Months!!!!

    As of today it is four more months until I go. Four months EXACTLY!

    We have yet to do dining reservations, but everything else we are working on at the moment. Still haven't heard about the DLR thing, and I won't hear on weather I'll automatically qualify for nationals until mid-February.

    Also, it's less than two months until my New York trip with orchestra!

    Thanks everyone for posting <3
  14. swwake

    swwake RIP our sweet Magic (09/27/10)

    Jan 13, 2008
    I am subscribing! I have a daughter your age who is graduating this year. I love seeing Disney through the eyes of someone your age.
  15. yellowlabforever

    yellowlabforever <font color=purple>It takes a great deal of braver

    Dec 21, 2009

    Well, I think my mom just made dining reservations. I think we're definately eating at the Mexico Pavillion in the restraunt there, but other than that I'm not sure. I'll have to ask her about it.

    In other news, I still haven't heard weather or not I'll go to DLR yet. I will find out in about two weeks. Hopefully I'll make it to nationals :D

    I go to New York in about three weeks, and I'm so excited for that! I can't wait. I'll post pictures of the trip on here.

    Well, that's about it for the update. Oh and my DC3 age 11 has informed me that she has almost 200 dollars for the trip that she earned herself. We are going to do the character thing together, just a cousin thing. We got her an autograph book and pen for Christmas, and she told me that is the main thing that she'd like to do at WDW.

    I will edit in where we are eating. Less than 3 months until Graduation AND WDW!!!!

    EDIT on 3/6/10

    We got our plane tickets!!!!!!! And we are all together on the flight too, amazingly. I feel happy.

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