The Joys of Traveling with Three Kids RPR Club Level 8 nights! 7/2018


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Feb 13, 2009
Just binge read your trip report and absolutely love it! Your pictures are amazing! :cutie:

I figured as much about Legoland. MyDS 13 still loves LEGO but we will content ourselves with a trip to the Lego store at Disney Springs for our trip this summer.

So glad they gave you the dinner voucher for the cabana day.

Quick question as we have never been to Universal (I’m a ride wimp and don’t think I’d be brave enough for a lot of the rides there) the Universal family roller coaster (it’s the Harry Potter themed one that starts with the H, flight of the H, can’t recall the name) what would you say it’s comparable to at Disney? (Intensity wise)

Can’t wait to read about your last day at the park!

Update - just looked it up the coaster is Flight if the Hippogriff
I am not OP.
I would say Hippogriff is comparable to Barnstormer but somewhat more intense (in terms of drops). It is a short ride, though.
Also, with Hippogriff, I am a large person (size 20 pants) and rode with my 42 lb, 42 inch 6 year old. He was okay on rides like Gringotts and Jurassic Park River Adventure but hated Hippogriff because he felt like he was going to fall out with the shared lap bar. My daughter, his twin, who is more of a ride wimp is about 10 lbs and 2 inches larger and was riding with my DH (who is not as overweight as I am), and she was fine.


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Mar 20, 2010
But I digress. So yeah, me...hard for a mom to talk about herself. I'm kind of a nerd. I love NPR and podcasts. I also crochet and am fascinated by true crime. I have a favorite podcast that I listen too...I got themed jewelry for it. I'll post a pic and see if anyone can guess what the podcast is!
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OMG! SSDGG!!!! Love being a murderino!!! now I MUST ask - WHERE DID YOU GET THESE!?!?!


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Mar 17, 2005
OMG! SSDGG!!!! Love being a murderino!!! now I MUST ask - WHERE DID YOU GET THESE!?!?!
I’m sorry I don’t remember! I bought them online a couple years ago. I can’t remember the store for the life of me but she makes other jewelry with like inspirational quotes. I had found the link on the my favorite murder Facebook group. I did a search online and none of the stores that came up rang a bell but you can find similar ones on Etsy!


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Dec 12, 2002
Enjoyed your trip report. How was the club level??? Is it open all day??? Do you think it was worth the extra $$$ I'm thinking about a club level stay but I'm wondering if its worth it. It would be nice to stop by mid day when you take a break from the parks.


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