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Jan 14, 2001
Hello out there. My sister and I just returned from an incredible trip to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios - the highlight of which was, strangely enough, our interactions the Green Goblin character in Marvel SuperHero Island.

It all started when we were curious to know what his name was because we thought it was pretty strange that he was carrying around a pumpkin. I was a little timid, but I went up to him and asked him. It was a bit tricky because I didn't want to get closer, but I was too far away to hear what he was saying. Meanwhile, Dr. Doom had noticed that I was apprehensive and he had come up behind me. My sister was desperately trying to get my attention to warn me, but I was still talking to the GG. Fortunately, the horn that rounded them all up to go had sounded and so I was saved before I turned around to find Dr. Doom.

Later, we see all the Superheros are back again to sign autographs and take pictures and we decide it would be funny to have a picture with the GG. We decide my sister should go up and have her picture taken with him because he might recognize me if I did it and probably try to scare us. But as soon as she goes up to him he says, "Oh, so you're not afraid anymore?" Her cover is blown! She maintains her composure and says "Actually, I am a little afraid, but I am trying to be cool. You remember us?" And he says, "Remember you? It was just a half-hour ago!" And she says "Yeah, but you meet so many people!" And he says, "I always remember the timid ones." The picture is taken and so my sister takes a few quick steps away from him, when he suddenly jumps off the back of the truck and starts after us! We both scream and run. Fortunately, he only goes a few steps, and then returns to his post.

We're a little shocked that he scared us away, so we're lingering in the crowd a little while to see if he does anything to anyone else. Suddenly, he looks up and points right at us! :eek: He then jumps off his truck and starts weaving through the crowd towards us. We scream and take off down the street. He runs after us really far - I thought we were almost going to have to go out of Marvel Island!

So we're watching him from even farther away now when suddenly he sees us once again and so he hurls his pumpkin at us. We scream and run away. A little kid goes up and gets the pumpkin and brings it back to him. (Yes we realize it's a little strange we're so afraid of him when all these little kids are so comfortable, but he was so unpredicatable!)

Anyway, two days later we're back for another day at IOA. BTW, the rides were awesome and we loved the park. Eventually it's afternoon again and we're in Marvel Island again, going on Dr. Doom, the Hulk, and Spiderman over and over. The superheros come out and I thought it would be funny to ask the GG if he's the same guy who was here a few days ago. I notice that he's doing completely different poses, so I'm confident it's not him. My sister isn't so sure, so she's hiding behind the giant Dr. Octopus sign. :D I go up and wait with all the people and kids surrounding him to get his autograph and picture. It seems like he doesn't see me at all. I keep getting closer so that he'll notice me and I can ask him my question. Suddenly, he turns to me and says "Well, looks who's back!" :eek: I couldn't believe it. I stand there for second in shock, and then I take off towards my sister (But he doesn't run after me, so I do feel a little silly). My sister takes off running down the sidewalk and I run after her into a little alleyway next to the spiderman ride. So we're in the alley where they park strollers and I'm telling her what happened when suddenly he JUMPS OUT at us and says "well, well, well." We died. It couldn't have been any worse. We scream and take off in different directions. Fortunately, he just goes back to his post.

The end to this long story is that we ran into him again later after we came out of spiderman when the superheros weren't scheduled to be out. We think that maybe he was hoping to scare us one more time, but he wasn't successful. He never had the opportunity to catch us alone and unsuspecting again.

My question is if anyone has ever had any interactions like this with the GG? We couldn't believe how well he was able to find us in the crowd and also to remember us, even when it was days later. We still can't figure out how he suddenly was able to find us hiding in the alleyway. Does anyone know anything about him?

If you are going to Islands of Adventure, watch out for the Green Goblin! :D
Wow, what a great experience!

If only characters all knew how much a little thing like recognition can do for a person! Thanks for sharing this with us...


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My hubby got a great picture with him on our 10/99 trip and he shook my terrified daughter's hand, but not dialogue whatsoever, and no chasing.
I saw him once standing in the exit hall of Spider-Man. He would stand perfectly still like a statue, and when people walked by he would jump out at them and quickly return to his previous pose, ready to strike again. :)
Maybe it was Earl? ...his description if I remember correctly from another post was:

"Old, scarey, mysterious, sassy, and good..."Molokai Gram

"Meeting Earl is better than FOTL!"...JessicaR

Somehow I doubt it though. Earl, were you scaring that family??? LOL

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If so, I am Doomed!

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I've seen the Green Gobin standing on the MSH Island bridge and around the Spider-Man ride. Now that I have a scanner, I will have to scan and post the photos.


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I didn't know that the charachters were alowwed to interact with indeed.....hafta try this next time!


How could anyobe be scared of a guy in pink?? Just kidding!! Pink or no pink...he scared me!

Thanks for the replies!

We later realized it would have been perfect to have involved Spider-Man so that he could've protected us. :)
And I thought only the coasters would frighten me! :)

I rarely read the Marvel comics and so I am not sure who are the good guys and who are the bad ones. But after visiting IOA, realized Dr. Doom appealed to me more than Spiderman. Didn't see the GG. Jonathan, you saw Earl, does he wear pink? ;)
My 4 and 6 yo LOVE the X-men so when "Rogue" told them to watch out for the Green Goblin they took it very seriously.
When the goblin turned up later in the day they ran up to him and informed him that he was a nasty man and that Rogue was going to "bash him one". He screamed and ran off with my two chasing him!!
The actors who play these parts certainly give it their all!!
Compliments to whoever was playing Rogue as well - she remembered the kids each time she saw them which really made their holiday!


Don't think Earl wore pink. But couldn't say for sure. Remembering something about forgetting everything after I woke up, then I woke up? Also remember some about an eterity of watching barney...and He DOES wear pink...I think?

Smile Guys!

Does weekly attendance to a theme park constitute an addict?

If so, I am Doomed!

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Earl wears pink because he mixed his whites with his colored clothes. :)


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The moderator formerly known as Barry aka usagi
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It sounds to me like not everybody gets to see him. We ran into him all the time - is he not always a part of the superhero meeting?

I don't understand the references to Earl. What are you guys talking about?
Sorry, Earl is another participant in the Universal Forums. He is a UO employee, but no one know exactly who he is, or what he does.

He is a mystery.

Does weekly attendance to a theme park constitute an addict?

If so, I am Doomed!

Disney, USF, IOA, BGT, SW weekly since 1997
Quarterly since birth!
Okay, now I wouldn't normally look at a topic about the Green Goblin, but something said I should. So, on some off topic, here it is. I'm wearing pink, huh? Now you all know that now I must plot against you, taking no prisoners.

Working for this company sure has it's advantages. We have BTTF's flux capacitor and Mr. Fusion, and then from MIB, there is the neuralizer. The only problem with the working one that we have is that when you come out of it you think that you're Monica Lewinsky. I could have used on Jonathan the other day, but he swore his secrecy. I've got it, I'll replace the camera flash at Hulk with it, that's 32 at a time....

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