The 5th Trip's The Charm!

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  1. caravarela

    caravarela Mouseketeer

    Nov 23, 2009
    Hi DISrs, I'm Cara, and this is my first TR.

    Our trip was from Nov 23-Dec 1. We stayed at Coronado Springs :thumbsup2 We had the DDP, and also did MVMCP.

    Cast of Characters:

    Mom::MinnieMo That's me! My first trip to Disney was in 2008, and I fell in love. We've gone every year since, so this is our 5th trip. We always go right around Thanksgiving.

    Dad :goofy: DH is Joey. He went on several Disney trips as a kid, and always liked it. It was his idea to go on our first trip 5 years ago, and it was a great one! :)

    Daniel :stitch: DS is 7. He loves roller coasters, and all forms of Disney transportation.

    Katie princess: DD turned 6 on our trip. She is the most Disney obsessed of us all. She literally will spend an hour at home looking at our old Disney pics, scouring park maps, or watching Disney planning DVDs/shows. She loves all the princesses, and her favorite ride is the Three Cabelleros.

    Here's a pic of the four of us from our first trip in 2008 :)
  2. caravarela

    caravarela Mouseketeer

    Nov 23, 2009
    Here's a general outline of where we went/ate each day. As you can see, DH LOVED the breakfast and lunch buffets at the Pepper Market :rotfl: To me they were good, and a great value for a CS credit, but I did wish for some more variety in our CS options!


    11/22: Thanksgiving Day, Kaitlyn's family bday party, packing!

    11/23: Arrival Day- Flight, resort check in
    Pepper Market CS, Chef Mickey's TS

    11/24: EPCOT *Kaitlyn's 6th Bday!*
    La Hacienda CS, Teppan Edo TS

    11/25: DHS
    Pizza Planet CS, Boma TS

    11/26: MK
    Pepper Market CS, Cosmic Rays CS

    11/27: DTD/DHS
    Earl of Sandwich CS, 50's PT Cafe TS

    11/28: Rest Day
    Pepper Market CS, 1900 Park Fare TS

    11/29: MK & MVMCP
    Crystal Palace TS, Cosmic Ray's CS

    11/30: EPCOT
    Pepper Market CS, Les Chefs TS

    12/01: Departure Day
    Planet Hollywood TS

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