That didn't take long...Skyliner Accident


Earning My Ears
Jun 19, 2019
No idea what they did over water. Can’t find any reports of those rescued over water. Reedy Creek said they complained about not enough manpower for rescues and concerns about water rescues. And here we are with the first crash on day 6.
I don’t think any were over water in this case, I was wondering hypothetically.
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    May 1, 2009
    I feel sorry for those people who had to use the restroom while waiting. Think about those poor kids that couldn’t hold it and had to go in the gondola. 🚽
    If that happens, think about the next people who have to ride in that particular gondola.


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    Aug 8, 2000
    1) I predicted three things which have, two so far, come to pass.
    . . . Stars-Wars-Land would be a semi-bust
    . . . the Gondola transport would be a mechanical and breakdown problem
    . . . the Gondola system was an accident waiting-to-happen
    2) Crowd levels at Galaxy Edge (ON BOTH COASTS) are a major disappointment.
    3) The Gondola, although new and "thoroughly tested" doesn't work well.
    4) Disney admits lower-than-anticipated crowds in G.E.
    5) During the Cast Member Preview, the Gondola system broke down for over 1-hr.
    6) WDW decided to open the Gondolas, anyhow.
    7) We, now, have the first (OF MANY) accidents of the Gondola system.

    . . . I am not a fortune teller
    . . . I am a mechanical engineer specializing in transport vehicles and systems
    . . . I have worked on Japanese Mag-Lev train designs
    . . . By firing Imagineers and using contractors, Disney is possibly endangering the public.
    . . . All this is SOLELY in the name of profits and Ogre's (aka: Iger's) bonus.


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    Apr 23, 2014
    Cars and buses never break down or crash.
    I've never seen a car/bus crash where people caught up in the jam behind are left hanging in the air for 3 hours waiting to be lifted down....

    It's been open less than a week, its brand new and everyone was still talking about it and going out their way to ride it (unlike busses and cars) and this happens. Of course it's going to be drama!


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    May 4, 2000
    Wow, I can't believe this happened less than a week out! We are leaving tomorrow and picked POP for the fact that it is one of the stops. Even if it is open this coming week while I'm there, I'm now a bit hesitant to ride it. Not sure what to make of this. Glad no one was hurt!


    Aug 8, 2003
    My husband, son and I were stuck on this for 3 hours last night. Our gondola was right before the water leading into Epcot station. It did get warm in our car due to lack of any breeze. We got to listen to a recording and a live person alternating every few minutes saying exactly the same thing over and over that we were temporarily delayed and would be moving soon. One exception was when they told us we could open emergency box. We had firemen gearing up in rappel gear right below us. We finally moved and when we got to station filled out paper, got a water and told line for 2 bathroom stalls is over there. Then we asked how we get back to our resort. They said we had to go to Boardwalk and there would be special buses. We get to Boardwalk and no buses. People standing outside confused and upset. Finally we are directed down the road and broken into groups by resort. Get on bus which then had to fight thru road closures to get out. We got back to our resort at 12:15 am. We will not be riding gondolas again.