Thanks to Jasper, I just booked Sheratons V V..!! :)


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Aug 19, 1999
After reading his wonderful thread he started, I decided to book a 2 bedroom suite today. We had one night in between our vacation with no particular place to stay and this seemed a good opportunity to try something new. We have stayed at the HIFS and it is very cramped there...nice....but tiny.

I booked thru KingdomHotels and I called the 800 number and the guy who helped me was very nice. I got a 2 bedroom...mid July for $138.90!!

Thanks again Jasper...I am so excited to stay somewhere new and not pay the cost of an onsite Disney room rate. I have learned you can have just as much fun offsite as you do on no matter what anyone else thinks.

I hope you and your wife have a great time..! Keep us posted.

Good for you, Esmeralda! Based on all the reviews this place sure sounds great! It's high on my list of "next places" to stay!

I like your attitude, it really doesn't matter what people think. It's your vacation and your money so you do what suits you. I've done both and will continue to do so but only because I choose to do so! And believe me, I know many people who would NEVER stay offsite.

But then again, it's why I moderate THIS board! :D

Have an incredible trip!
Hi esmerelda, that was a great thread wasn't it? You are going to love the VV. We are going for our second stay in March and can't wait. It is beautiful.


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