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    Thank you for the speedy responses I received. I have a much better understanding on how the DVC point system works. I'd like to trouble you with one more question (hopefully just one more). I'd like to run this scenario by you all.
    I'm planning my families first Disney magic cruise for June 2002. I thought that it would make sense to join the DVC club now and use some of the points toward our June 2002 cruise. At least this way, we will have a yearly number of points to use, bank or add onto as opposed to paying for the cruise cash. The cruise cost ($4000) could help me get my foot in the door, or club :). I understand I will probably have to pay cash for a portion of the passengers travelling. If I understand the DVC correctly, my above plan sounds like a good initial investment into our future vacations. Does anyone know the number of points to cruise? Your thoughts?
    Thank you again.
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    Hi Mary. Hopefully, we'll be able to answer questions and help you decide about DVC. is some info on Pete Werner's site that will help get you started.

    I'm not sure whether you've fully grasped what DVC is. It is tricky to understand at first. Basically, it is a version of a timeshare run by Disney at resorts they've built at WDW as well as Vero Beach, FL and Hilton Head Island, SC. You purchase a real interest in one of these resorts. The size of your interest gives you points every year that are the means by which you make reservations. The current minimum purchase from Disney is 150 points at $72/point or $10,800. (You can also purchase resale at varying prices direct from current owners). You also pay yearly dues on the points. Each resort has their own amount of dues but it runs in the $3-$4 per point range so figure about $600 for the minimum purchase. Part of the program allows us to use points elsewhere at Disney resorts and on the Disney cruise line as well as with partner hotels and travel experience companies and to make exchanges through Interval International. You are right that the $4,000 you would spend on a Disney Cruise would be a good start on DVC membership. I just want to be sure you understand what DVC is all about and we can do that here answering your questions. It is also good that you've sent for the DVC info since they are expert in explaining the basics. Have you also looked at That's the official site.

    I haven't got the info on points for cruising handy but I'm sure someone else can answer that part of your question.

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    I don't have the new cruise point chart either, but bear in mind that if you do a resale, you might have banked points from last year, and with new points plus borrowd points, you could have plenty for a cruise. I seem to remember thinking the cruise point exchange was quite high. :eek:

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    The 2002 Cruise points are not out yet, but here are the 2001 points. They will likely be very similar. All points are listed in this order:
    (Value Season, Regular Season, Peak Season)and the *catagory* is listed between the stars.

    3-Day Cruise
    1st and 2nd passengers (points per person):
    *11* Standard Inside Room (68, 86, 101)
    *10* Deluxe Inside Room (74, 92, 107)
    *9* Deluxe Stateroom (86, 105, 120)
    *8* Deluxe Stateroom (92, 111, 126)
    *7* Deluxe Stateroom w/Nav. Verandah (99, 123, 138)
    *6* Deluxe Stateroom w/ Veranda (105, 129, 144)
    *5* Deluxe Stateroom w/ Veranda (111, 136, 150)
    *4* Family Suite (136, 160, 175)
    Additional Persons
    2 and under (16 all seasons)
    3 - 17 (32, 50, 57)
    Adult (38, 57, 63)

    4-Day Cruise
    1st and 2nd passengers (points per person):
    *11* Standard Inside Room (80, 99, 113)
    *10* Deluxe Inside Room (86, 105, 120)
    *9* Deluxe Stateroom (99, 117, 132)
    *8* Deluxe Stateroom (105, 123, 138)
    *7* Deluxe Stateroom w/Nav. Verandah (111, 136, 150)
    *6* Deluxe Stateroom w/ Veranda (117, 142, 157)
    *5* Deluxe Stateroom w/ Veranda (123, 148, 163)
    *4* Family Suite (148, 173, 187)
    Additional Persons
    2 and under (16 all seasons)
    3 - 17 (44, 63, 69)
    Adult (50, 69, 75)

    7-Day Cruise
    1st and 2nd passengers (points per person):
    *11* Standard Inside Room (123, 148, 179)
    *10* Deluxe Inside Room (129, 154, 185)
    *9* Deluxe Stateroom (148, 173, 203)
    *8* Deluxe Stateroom (154, 179, 210)
    *7* Deluxe Stateroom w/Nav. Verandah (166, 191, 241)
    *6* Deluxe Stateroom w/ Veranda (179, 203, 253)
    *5* Deluxe Stateroom w/ Veranda (191, 216, 265)
    *4* Family Suite (228, 253, 302)
    Additional Persons
    2 and under (18 all seasons)
    3 - 17 (53, 78, 102)
    Adult (78, 102, 127)

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