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Mar 6, 2000
I saw the style called Typhoon on the teva website. ( It is under the XPD Allterain for Women. I have never had Teva's. Do any of you own a pair of these? Are they water proof? Do you think they are comforatble for a full day at WDW? I typically wear ked look-alikes. I look forward to hearing from you.


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I just bought that style of Teva on Sunday from Just For Feet here in Houston! I've been wearing them around the house after work the past two days trying to decide if I like them or not. They have a very comfy foot bed and the straps are nicely padded. I haven't really come to a verdict yet because I am normally not a sandal girl, but I'm desperate for something good to wear to WDW. Being recently diagnosed with heel spurs, I tried on 15 different pair of sneakers to no avail. The Teva have a good arch support which I like. I'm wondering if my foot is a little too wide though, as I'm getting a little rubbing on the outside edge of my foot. As for waterproof...the straps are leather, but the sole is all rubber, so I don't suppose they dry as fast as the nylon straps.

Hop on over to Just For Feet and try them on!

:) Mary Beth
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I just bought my first pair of Teva's a couple of days ago. The only problem that I see with the Typhoon style is that they don't have an adjustable heel strap. From the posts I have read on these boards, the adjustable heel strap is supposed to be crucial to getting a more comfortable fit. Some of the sandals also have the ShocPad in the heel. The style I bought was the Circuit leather sandal. They also come in nylon as well. This is actually one of their walking sandals, comparable to a walking athletic shoe. They were $79.95 on the Teva site and several others than I checked, but I found them at an American Outfitters store for $49.99. I also saw them at Eastern Mountain Sports for the same price.


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