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    We wanted an early start this morning for our day at MGM. Light breakfast in the villa and we were off. Party of 9 today – our first visit to the parks with our late arriving friends!! It was a bit cloudy today – possible rain and/ or thunderstorm. First stop of course is TOT and RrRC. Anthony is keen for TOT, so we get some FPs for TOT and some for RnRC. I think I may pluck up the courage for RocknRoller Coaster today!!!! So we decide to do the Great Movie Ride while we wait for our FP time slots. We get the Gangster scenario. Favourite bit is at the end, with all the clips from the movies!!! Ok, now time for TOT and RnRC. Some of the group head for TOT, while some – including me wait with those not wanting to ride.


    Anthony LOVES TOT, Christopher didn’t ride this time. Then it’s time for RnRC. I can’t believe I agree to go. I actually feel physically sick as I hand over my FP and head inside. Into the car, safety harness on – there’s no turning back now. Then there’s the agonizing wait for the green light. It was worse than a dentist waiting room!!! Like too many things in this world, before I knew it, it was all over. I actually liked it – apart from the start, that rush at the start is a bit much. But when I finally opened my eyes LOL, it was fantastic. Loved going through the donut!!! Rollercoasters don’t seem so bad if you’re inside!!!! Ok, a trip to Endor next. Kids are desperate to do Star Tours. They laugh heartily all the way through – I just find it a bit too jerky. Christopher is very enthusiastic about telling his teacher that he was REALLY in space. I don’t want to spoil it for him.

    Christopher does some mapreading!

    We lunch at Backlot Express. Chicken strips and burgers again on the menu. Think the kids have now gone one week with no vegetables. They are eating fruit every day – and gallons of orange juice, so I suppose that’s something. I try not to dwell on it too much. Anthony insists he does not want to go on the ride with the truck on fire and the falling rocks. Being a bad mother, I take him anyway!!! Towards the end of the ride, we get a glimpse of the Lights, Motor, Action arena, and can hear engines revving up. The guide tells us there is a preview show starting very soon. We exit through the shop – one that sells Desperate Housewives merchandise!!!!! But no time to buy – got to get to Lights, Motors, Action!!! We file into our seats – very high stand by the way. This was the view from where we were sitting – around ¾ of the way up.




    It was a great show! Kids enjoyed it. Quite long though – but a nice rest. WWTBAM was next. Great fun as always. I was number 6 on the leaderboard once, but unfortunately didn’t do any better!!!! I was surprised how much the kids liked this. They thought they were actually ‘on TV’!! Didn’t want to shatter another childhood illusion, so I kept quiet!!! Out of WWTBAM – and the raindrops were falling. Not in torrents, but still enough to get you wet. We decided to head towards Beauty and The Beast show, and maybe catch another ride on TOT and RnRC. Again I opt for RnRC. This time I loved it! I had my eyes open MOST of the time. LOL Anthony again wants to ride TOT!!! He comes of, giving the thumbs up!!!! We browse round the shop for a bit – kids find great delight in squeezing those disgusting eyeballs!! Last stop of the day was Beauty and The Beast – Live on Stage. We were in just as it was about to start, we could hear the thunder rumbling in the distance. This is a great show – maybe a little short, but the costumes are lovely. Even the boys liked it!!!

    A quick browse in Villains in Vogue – couldn’t decide what to buy, so I decide to think about it (should read – time to convince Tony I really need both the bag and the matching Maleficent purse, and the t-shirt!!!) Time to head home – no Fantasmic tonight as we have Fantasmic Dinner Package booked for next Thursday, when it is one of the boy’s birthday. We think about where to eat – good old Friendlys on the 192. We cheat by taking the Osceola Parkway most of the way along, before dropping down onto the 192 and doubling back on ourselves a wee bit - but worth it! Torrential rain now, with thunder and lightening to go with it!! I have fajitas (again – two days in a row!!), Tony has a Colossal Burger, and kids have Mac n Cheese. Very reasonable – all in $40 – this included desserts too!!
    Absolutely exhausted today – packed quite a lot in. Too tired for shopping on the way home and too tired for Benny!!!! Plan for tomorrow was a bit of a lie-in, then some shopping at Florida Mall, Premium Outlets and we had a 7pm PS for Cape May Café dinner Yumtastic!!!

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